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The Medium Review

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Reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox Series S and PC.

“The Medium uses a unique reality-shifting ability to bring a new dimension to some tried-and-tested genre puzzle-solving mechanics. It presents an intriguing mystery to unravel and adds a tangible sense of urgency to your investigations by placing a truly memorable villain hot on your heels. An absorbing and nerve-racking journey from the shriek of its first jump scare to its very last gasp, The Medium delivers a psychological horror adventure that’s all thriller and no filler.”


  1. “All thriller and no filler” seriously? IGN is a joke

  2. It’s funny because I saw this randomly next to hitman 3 and I was shocked at how dope this looks and the concept just immediately strikes me as interesting. I’m definitely getting this, the atmosphere, designs, and really interesting concept has my full attention. Reminds me of a horror version of that game control.

  3. Why all ign reviews sound like handjobs for the makers of the game?

  4. Great experience. While not heavy on gameplay variety or twitch gaming skills. The items you find and abilities you have are extremely satisfying to use. Great acting and atmosphere. I totally recommend playing this.

  5. How did this get a Lower score than Blair Witch? I enjoyed that game but it’s not on this level.

  6. I hate that Gamespot has gone whacko, now I'm forced to watch IGN reviews…

  7. what happened to IGN website? cant find anything on it, what a mess. it used to be passable now it's like they dont want you there

  8. Gamepass is amazing just like this game. 👌🏻

  9. Studio execs are now moving to self-censor the game because devs included some anti-authoritarian easter eggs containing statements going against the fascist government of Poland and the Catholic church. It's almost the same as with the Taiwanese-made Devotion.

  10. Just completed the game, don't miss out on this 10 hour adventure guys.

  11. Kind of wish there was more contrast between the real world and the other. Thry are both dark and spooky which seems a bit boring.

  12. This game give me those PS2 horror game vibes

    *Cough* capcom *Cough*

  13. Everything about this review screamed 9 except for the actual score.

  14. I went to Krakow a couple of times. Had I known about this game before. :/

  15. Proud to be Polish.. again. (Don't bring me Cyberpunk here, come on guys.)


    When you get to the Man/Women mask, (about 2 hours in) make sure you look up a guide to do the puzzle correctly or the game will glitch and you won't be able to progress forward.

    I really wanted to get into this game, but this bug completely breaks the game. Reloading an older save doesn't help either.

    I hope they patch this soon before I lose complete interest =(

  17. At the start, I didn't think I'd enjoy it, but I ended up not being able to put it down. If you've got games pass, I'd definitely recommend downloading it.

  18. Your reviews have always been and always will be a joke.

  19. why only 8? this looks absolutely amazing to me

  20. About to finish the game, really enjoying playing it.

  21. exploring beksinski's environments looks like it's gonna be awesome

  22. I like the game, except for the fixed camera angles. I found that this made the layout of the hotel very hard to visualize and I tended to wander around aimlessly until something happened or I saw something I recognized.

  23. Litterly control 2 but im gonna buy it looks interesting

  24. Horror games alone are all gonna be on a whole new level just by the amount of attention to detail they are gonna have. Me personally I think the next outlast game is going to be absolutely INSANE

  25. 2:05 Silent Hill? Hello? Are you hiring reviewers based on actual knowledge? Apparently meritocracy is just a buzz word.

  26. Game promise to be interested, but this, game mechanic with side camera is not my favorite thing..

  27. Utter shite! Why to christ this game has gotten such high review scores considering it's been in development for almost a decade, was originally going to be released on the Wii U then it was going to be released on the xbox 360/ps3 then blooper wait to release it as an Xbox series x/s exclusive makes me ashamed to own an xbox series x if this is the only exclusive we have at the moment compared to what the PS5 has to offer…..

  28. 0:54 this part suddenly made me think of Claire Redfield's line "Aah, I'm finally here" in RE2 original, when she just arrived in Raccoon City XD

  29. So no mention of how this game took a lot of its inspiration from Beksiński?

  30. Interesting game , but I’m not crazy about the controller movement , it’s almost like an old resident evil game or silent hill , gonna be hard to get used to it again.

  31. Great game, but way too linear, the antagonist aint really a treat. This game has a great story, nice visuals, but it felt more like a movie than a game, nothing like an old game like Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

  32. What an awesome playthrough. Brilliant horror game makes a change having a full on story like this compared to resident evil. Absolutely brilliant

  33. Started playing it last night-
    Can’t put it down!
    Already hoping we get a sequel!

  34. Maybe if they released the game on other platforms such as PS4/PS5 and Swtich like Blair Witch the game would have been sold more and even gotten better scores than 7 or 6

  35. Game is kinda slow to start. I’m trying tho. Let’s see what happens

  36. This game is absolutely spectacular! Must play on next gen and on game pass

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