The *NEW* Worst Game on Steam (3% positive reviews...) -

The *NEW* Worst Game on Steam (3% positive reviews…)

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In 2019 I thought that I had found the worst game on Steam. I thought it couldn’t get any worse… I was wrong. Not only is this a worse game, it’s also the lowest rated steam game I’ve ever seen.
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  1. In the reviews someone has 200 hours on the game and I feel sorry for that poor soul.

  2. Anyone ever played Jurassic World Evolution?

  3. R.I.P logic its like a godamn logic this game need some updata like 3D,realistic,good logic and the starter pack f**k this game if not

  4. try 1000 days to escape,its an interesting experience.

  5. looks like a game my mom would play with me on her computer she just bought in 2004

  6. Just realized, there's gonna be new fans in the future who see videos on here where Mark's hand is bandaged up, and they'll wonder what happened and try to find out by searching around, and will never find it…

  7. Is it just me or was that sound from Terraria boss Awakening? @5:16

  8. Poor Mark. Suffering himself with these awful games for our enjoyment.

  9. I know this game isn’t very well built but the most irritating thing is how the grass at the power plant’s picture overlaps the path because they didn’t cut it out.

  10. 16:34 I love the fact that the dino shat infront of the bathroom

  11. When Mark slapped Lixian off-frame and the Dino turned into a fossil 😂😂😂 I’m ded

  12. How is it that Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder for GBA was a more well put together game than this?

  13. Anyone else notice that he’s wearing Rosanna Pancino’s merch? I thought that that was so cute 🥰

  14. I just love eating cereal while Mark loses his shit ☺

  15. Was…was that the terraria boss sound? Pretty sure that was the boss sound.

  16. Me: Mom can I play Jurassic World?
    Mom: No we have Jurassic World at home
    Jurassic World at home: Jurassic island 🤣

  17. I became instantly frustrated when the power station glitched and overlapped the road 😑. Reminds me of the old roller coaster tycoon games, except that those games actually worked properly and were fun. This was made in 2015💀 epic fail.

  18. about that Twitter introduction vid, I think that they updated the game but forgot to put the update on the steam, because the vid looked pretty convincing

  19. “And here is Jurass—“

    Me: Hehe love advertisements

  20. I love how Mark somehow manages to make such an unbearable game entertaining to watch in at least some way.

  21. The game: excellent sounddesign
    Also the game: uses a sound they found while playing terraria

  22. 11:25
    Markiplier: this is great
    Markiplier 2 seconds later: what do I do!!!

  23. They litteraly stole the boss summon sound effect from terraria. 5:15

  24. There are times that I randomly remember “My baby Ankylosaurus drowned itself in the water trough” and I can’t stop laughing

  25. I've played an old flash game about a dinosaur park that was more functional

  26. 2010 Facebook games have better gameplay then this

  27. Mark slowly losing his sanity over the course of the video is what gets me XD

  28. 5:14 Why did I expect anything else… One of these copy and paste concept games. Not like there are 10 bajillion other game like it where the only gameplay difference is the theming.

    10:27 So this is what Cities: Skylines would look like if it was made by a single Jurassic Park fanatic. The models look competent though. So the game has that going for it. I don't think think would be too bad of a game, if it were free.)

    13:11 X-Files theme starts playing

    14:2815:31 I have a headache and can't stop laughing.

    16:31 X-Files theme starts to play again

    17:57 RIP Mr. or Ms. Ankylosaurs. 2020 – 2020.

    18:29 Well that's… petrifying

    20:42 They're called "arrows" Mark.

    22:05 Uhh… Mark? You ok?

  29. Ok but is that Nerdy Nummies merch? I love it

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