The Simpsons Game Xbox 360 Review - Video Review (HD) -

The Simpsons Game Xbox 360 Review – Video Review (HD)

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  1. Actually it's the PS3 as the graphics are slightly more detailed (the PS2 version has one of the most outdated graphics on this game).

  2. "I'm gonna watch an XBOX 360 review of The Simpsons Game by seeing Play Station 3 gameplay." (I'm dumbfounded by this too)

  3. is it too hard for them to make it 3d like hit&run.

  4. I always loved the mr sparkle level. I replayed that so many times. :3

  5. I played this along time ago and it was a blast….But is this game hard to find because on amazon people are selling for like $70 to $100?

  6. xbox 360 review, played on PS3 come on ign. no need to hide the amazing PS3 😀

  7. Completed it about 20 times on ds and completed the simpsons hit and run. So i should probably get it on xbox. Cos all the simpsons games have been amazing!

  8. It's says '' Simpsons Game Xbox 360 Review- Video Review [ HD ] Right So why is it showing ps3 gameplay footage  that does not make any sense DX

  9. This game is garbage. Get The Simpsons: Hit and Run – that game deserves the title of THE Simpsons game to get, not this!

  10. I just got a hankering to play this… is it worth playing as a fan of the show back in the day?

  11. i thought gameplay was lacking, nothing really that interesting or challenging about it, just an adequate platformer. the humor and faithfulness to source material was nice however and made up for gameplay

  12. I used to play this on my DS not knowing the console was wayyyy better as a kid

  13. They really don't make these types of games anymore. It's pretty much a dead genre

  14. So, what do you give it? An 8? 9? What do you give it ign?

  15. This game is perfect. Only thing wrong is it's not long enough! Playing co-op is so much fun.

  16. I loved this game as a kid and it will always have a place in my heart as probably one of the first games I enjoyed and remember playing

  17. If they made a sequel, with ea's current money hungry state, it'd be unplayable, but this is an awesome game!

  18. In my opinion, the best character is lisa, the sax is op.

  19. Hell of a lot better then Bart vs The Space Mutants and more fun to play that Bart's Nightmare.

  20. You can do far worse as far as Simpsons games are concerned. – cough – SimpsonsWrestling – cough –

  21. Ahhhh the nostalgia. The game that made me get an Xbox 360 <3

  22. How have I never heard of this? It looks amazing.

  23. I beat this game back in 2011 and I absolutely loved it. Not even a Simpsons fan.

  24. I love this game, I just wish for more levels.

  25. While it’s certainly not the best in terms of overall gameplay. The presentation, the graphics, the parodies, the comedy is just awesome. Made for the fans yes, but I remember playing this way before I got in to The Simpsons and I had a great time with it. Great game:)

  26. I regret not getting this game. Hope one day it’s released for new consoles.

  27. This is supposed to be from the Xbox team at IGN, implying the 360 version was played, so why is the footage clearly from the PS3 version (you can tell because of the O shown on the screen most of the time for character moves). Did they not have footage of the 360 version? They probably should, unless their Playstation team also reviewed it and they decided to use the same footage for some reason.

  28. The PS2 version I got has terrible graphics

  29. Xbox 360 Review
    Shows Gameplay footage from PS3

  30. Do you know if they are coming out with one for xbox 360

  31. This games thats old lol i just saw the eded movie for this lmao

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  33. What if they made a 2nd simpsons game… that would be soo dope

  34. They really need to remaster this game for the PS4,PS5,PC,Xbox one and Xbox Series one X

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