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Fred dives into Bikini Bottom to review a tie-in to the 2004 SpongeBob SquarePants movie! It takes the manly theme of the movie and incorporates it into the game, but can you handle it?

After the success of Battle for Bikini Bottom, Heavy Iron Studios were given the opportunity to develop this game using the same resources they had at the time. As a result the game is a successor, but not a sequel to BfBB. They are however open to making one.
It has its fair share of issues that can be overlooked, but it should be looked at as its own product. It should be viewed as a movie game, and that’s exactly how I judge it.

I will correct myself. It’s the PC version of the game that has a different voice actor for Neptune, not the console version. I got it mixed up. The audio comparison I listened to was misleading. Dennis however is voiced by Alec Baldwin in the movie and Fred Tatascore in the console version.

I acknowledge all issues/minor annoyances this game has. I don’t think this game is perfection. I called out the relevant issues. I do not in any way endorse genuine harassment towards opposing opinions.
I genuinely like this game. This is my kind of game in many ways.

Story 0:00
Gameplay 6:46
Music 14:40
Flaws 16:00
Is it worth it? 20:11

(The story portion shows what the game borrows from its source material and what it changes; it also shows all the levels)

This video was made in celebration of my milestone of 20,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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Disclaimer: I have played through all three versions of the game. The reason why I said the GameCube version is bad is because from a technical standpoint, it’s atrocious. I didn’t enjoy playing it. The framerate is choppy (half the game runs 20-30fps [Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt runs very horribly with plenty of dips] when the game is meant for 60fps, making it feel different from the other versions), the loading times are bad, the game crashes during loading screens and forces you to restart the game, the graphics are butt ugly to look at all day due to heavy compression on the GameCube disc, you don’t get proper lighting at all, it has removed animations with still character models, and from my experience the enemies seem a little off. It is buggy, glitchy, and I refuse to recommend a bad port to anyone. The game itself is a good game but this port may affect your experience. If you don’t care about these problems, you’ll still be able to enjoy it, but only because of the game itself or your controller preference. None of the other SpongeBob GC ports have this many issues.
PS2 version is normal: unlocked framerate in all levels and good graphics for the time. It’s good and fine to play. Nothing wrong with the port itself. While it runs at a low resolution, it has a better framerate, better uncompressed textures with lighting, and is much more polished than GameCube.
Xbox version adds more. It has sharper textures, better lighting and dynamic range, cropped 16:9 support (optional), native 480p output, and a more steady 60fps. It’s great. If you have an HD TV with Xbox component cables hooked up it’s beautiful for a 2004 game. Also, the Xbox version is playable on an Xbox 360 with an official hard drive, but there are occasional texture glitches that disappear when you reload levels. It does however run perfectly fine and it’s recommendable.


  1. Oddly enough, the fish move in the Neptune fight on GC. Why?

  2. One of the best movie games ever made. I just how fun it is. There's so many things you can do from platforming to side missions. My favorite kinds of levels to play are yue challenge missions because I love breaking my old records; even if it is a bit difficult sometimes.

  3. Go play Heropants!? I would NEVER wish that upon my worst enemy….

  4. I played this my whole childhood and I’m just now finding out that you can upgrade your character…. I wanna redo

  5. It's funny you say it's not a sequel cause the robots from battle for bikini bottom make a cameo appearance in the junkyard level

  6. FRED IF U DONT LISTEN TO ME YOU WILL MISS IT so there a new spongebob game coming out which is called Spongebob battle bikini bottom Rehydrated and it just a remake wit bfbb concept art like the squidword boss level and more

  7. This game sucks, I’d rather spending time with the other games on than being stuck here with Happy wheels unblocked.

  8. Nice video. Me and my sis re visited the game a few years ago and finally got 100% on it. (back then not now, lol imagion taking 2 to 3 years to complete a game) anyway it brings back alot of nostalgia, definitley atleast personally, the best spongebob game.

  9. I love the SpongeBob Movie Game. It is my first Videogame I got.

  10. 1. Bfbb
    2. Movie game
    3. Cftkk
    4. Under pants slam
    5. Lights cramra pants

  11. I love SpongeBob and the movie game is one of the best SpongeBob games i like playing. The music during the thug tug disco is my favourite music to listen to. SpongeBob is my childhood favourite show.

  12. The movie game is one of the best SpongeBob games i played and loved. The show has been my childhood favourite.

  13. The original movie was the hot topic everywhere you went when it came out

  14. This was my childhood. This was the first game I'd ever 100% completed.

  15. I played the PS2 and Xbox versions as a kid, and the omissions and alterations in the GameCube makes me sad, because the GameCube is my favourite console and the Movie game was the first game I have ever owned for myself personally. I remember ordering the GameCube port online a few years back and being excited. When I reached the Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt level, the change in frame rate really caught me off guard. I will say, the Incredibles GameCube port suffers the same problems as the GameCube port of the Spongebob Movie, but I think the this port was handled much worse than the Movie Game on GameCube. The entire game was meant to run at 60FPS, which is the case for the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game. However, on GameCube, most of the game runs at 30FPS, with 2-3 levels running at 60FPS. I’m not a huge fan of the overall game, no matter what console I play the Incredibles on. However, the GameCube port is really abysmal and not fun to play at all. Anyway, great review! 👍

  16. I always preferred this game over Battle for Bikini Bottom, mainly due to the fact I was never that interested in collect-a-thon games with a hub world (i.e. Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie). Though i'd say my favorite Spongebob game has to be Lights, Camera, Pants.

  17. the game may look nice, but you can't put lipstick on a pig. the game is padded out by breaking the story to go back to get tokens, and by weird ass challenges in the middle of areas that are disconnected. the areas are too linear, many levels are pure sliding. if they really made all the levels huge platformers, with less enemys being forced on you and slides built in to areas, it would be better and not shitty.

  18. I’ve never played the spongebob movie game for ps2 but I grew up with it on the pc.

  19. I loved this game back in the day, however I always found it very hard later on, but that's because only now I find out that you can upgrade stuff, never knew that

  20. I never unfortunately played this SpongeBob game. I played BFBB and Creature but never this one. It's weird because I loved the hell outta the movie but I never got around to playing the game version.

  21. 21:50 Even if you don't like the game you can't discredit those who do. You'd be no better than Fred5107 reviewing Plankton's Robotic Revenge, that guy's such an a**hole! I hear he's doing the movie game though.

    Me: LOL That's you! It's great when people can laugh/make fun of themselves. That's when you know they have a REALLY good sense of humor!

  22. Wait…have you even review BFBB? Since the remake is out, can you review both versions?

  23. also in the junkyard level there are left over scraps of destroyed robots from bfbb

  24. I wish this was backwards compatible on Xbox One

  25. Why does this game and BFBB have a blurry cruise bubble and sonic wave guitar

  26. The Roblox version is Very much Long as BFBB: Roblox edition I think BFBB:roblox Edition And the sponge bob movie Adventure are The best Roblox games

  27. Came back to this video (Great video, btw. this is cool stuff) and had to call attention to Patrick at 20:00 patting the defeated Sponge on the back like an absolute best friend.

  28. When you said that the gamecube version is terrible me: idc

  29. Welcome to the SpongeBob movie game, how tough are ya?

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