The Thing PC Game Review -

The Thing PC Game Review

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The Thing is a 2002 third-person shooter survival horror video game developed by Computer Artworks, published by Black Label Games, a publishing wing of Vivendi Universal Games, and distributed by Konami for Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 2. Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance versions were also planned, but both were cancelled early in development.

Set as a sequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 film of the same name, the story focuses on Captain Blake, a member of a U.S. Special Forces team sent to the Antarctic outpost featured in the film to determine what has happened to the research team. The game was endorsed by John Carpenter, who voices a character in an uncredited cameo.

The Thing was a commercial success; selling over one million units worldwide across all platforms, and received generally positive reviews. A sequel was in the early stages of development, but was cancelled when Computer Artworks went into receivership in 2003.


  1. Funny how my first introduction to The thing was 2011 film which I really like and first horror movie in ages made me feel tension (Im not really horror fan but Loved alien movies specially the first one) but NOW in 2020 watched 98 version and Playing the game and I really enjoy it

  2. This is a game the needs a reboot on modern systems. Only played it through once so wasn’t aware the NOCs suddenly becoming the thing was scripted, always felt completely out of the blue. Had great tension and suspense. Loved it

  3. In my Top10 of best Movies. The 80´s nailed it.

  4. I think this game perfectly captured the suspense and horror of the movie, still one of my favourite games of all time.

  5. This game had ideas way a head of its time. Game maker should look back at these games and remake them. Specially when they run out of ideas!

  6. I got this game for a dollar looks pretty good

  7. June 2020 and John Carpenter is still alive.

  8. i played it once
    and when on last level after you run on burning structure, i can't find save point
    but luckily i reach the helicopter battle
    unfortunately, the game crashed

  9. Game is super dope
    LouiesBodega on ebay is selling a near new one for xbox for like $30
    Not bad

  10. awesome game. its a shame the thing 2 never came out. it was nearly redy to release!!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((

  11. One of the best games I ever played, i remember the hype surrounding it when the trailer was revealed in 2002, I remember being so happy when I brought the PC game, it was so faithful to the film and very creepy rather than horrifying, it was all about suspence, the use of paranoia and fear was expertly incorporated. From start to finish, the mystery of the thing and who was the thing remained. Often times, your team would suspect you and each other or simply crack up. Fabulous

  12. This game should have a good remake, it would be awesome

  13. The enemy design is incredibly un-scary. The blocky animations and flat textures serve no dedication to the film's monster.

  14. Why isnt this damn game on steam or gog….

  15. Man, I loved the movie. So, so much. Botti's creature work got me intensely interested in practical effects, and then when I played the game I was in the military. Spent my entire CQ shift playing this thing. Loved it except for the ending areas, honestly, because it felt so much less isolated and cool and too far future tech-y for me. Everything leading up to it was pitch perfect, and there's a segment where you're going up or down some tunnels on fire (I forget which), that really played well.

    The fact that I can remember this almost 20 years later speaks volumes. I never touched the game after I got off duty for the day, but I remember enjoying it and the 'other' "Thing" game for the PS-2 called Extinction. Never did finish that one, though.

  16. My pc doesn't have a disc tray so does anyone know where I can buy this game as a digital download

  17. Damn, Larry Bundy Jr AND Mangalore gaming commenting in a GGGmanlives video? All 3 of the pillars of old games and trivia all in one place… kinda makes me happy that all the gaming channels I still watch and love all seem to enjoy eachothers content, that's cool

  18. Had this on original xbox. Absolutely terrified me as a kid

  19. i need first person horror, the thing game 🙂

  20. Whoa i didn't know it got a pc version!
    Ok im getting this game, loved that movie so damn much and the only i got closer to it back in the day was Dead Space

  21. This game is good but dam I hate it for the NPC all turning out to be infected even after you.prove.there human with the blood test…..

  22. Hands down, this was the lamest movie I've ever saw!

  23. In a nutshell Guy: Hello (Gets infected and transformers) Look a thingy Pyro (Gets flame throw out)

  24. I agree, for sure. Quick shout out though for The Thing From Another World. I might actually want to see a game based on the 1950s movie more than a remake.

  25. "Its cinemascre monster madness"
    Good ole vibes

  26. Aye man I’m not a thing I was at electrical

  27. Should’ve made it more like Among Us or Mafia and make it more like the movie

  28. I found a mint PS2 copy for about 25 bucks. Totally worth it.

  29. This was a really good game, but unfortunately I have the original Xbox version which is pretty Jank and I'm assuming the PC has much better aiming controls

  30. "When horror is done right, you don't have to ask why." – Stephen King.

  31. What if I told you I live at the north pole. No joke.

  32. Nicely summarized…

  33. It feels like the holy trinity to see that both MandaloreGaming and Larry Bundy Jr commented on this gmamlives vid 😂

  34. reminds me a lot of the original half life but it doesn't seem like they tried to copy it so that's good.

  35. i was really hoping i could download this game and play it after watching your review but my laptop doesnt even have a cd rom drive. crazy to think cds are almost dead now. fucking im getting old..

  36. You can patch this game with proper mouse aiming, widescreen support and bump maps. Check out the article at PCGW

  37. At 9:15 there's a door through the window but there's no door on the other side of the wall.

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