The Video Challenger - MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 24 -

The Video Challenger – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 24

Monster Island Buddies
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We dig up an old 1980s toy where you shoot your TV screen while watching Godzilla movies! has donated a 1,000 yen coupon to all viewers who sign up thru this link:

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Quirky Dog by Kevin MacLeod

Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod

The Snow Queen by Kevin MacLeod


  1. Can you play destroy all monsters for the xbox original

  2. What I want to go away I was riding with via twofers was alive

  3. What’s the role is the a funeral Chandra cashew settings for VF soups that makes no sense at all

  4. Japanese commercials are the greatest.

  5. Godzilla is just like REEEEEEEEEeEe

  6. Lucky lucky for you there is video challenger are you sick or something

  7. Yes finally a Godzilla movie that’s perf… damn those reticles ruined it

  8. Hey mib if you want to shoot at the dog play duck season


  10. Seriously kids stop shooting at my ships I need them SO STOP IT

  11. NES Zapper:?? u copy me but Black
    Video Challenger:????? What I did not copy
    NES Zapper:yes u did
    Video Challenger:I do look like u but my scores are in my back OK I'm better
    NES Zapper:OK I Dont have score number u win Video Challenger

  12. A Godzilla blaster game on VHS? That is… Interesting?

  13. I have a question what I am saying right now is a lie so am i telling the truth or lying about it?

  14. "Can we get the Nintendo Zapper?"
    "We have the Nintendo Zapper at home"
    The Nintendo Zapper at home:

    Also for some reason I wanna make this toy into a weapon in Doom. Would need a lot of references tho.

  15. The Titanosaurus jokes are the funniest

  16. 7:14 so we all gonna ignore how he tried to light up the duck hunt dog?

  17. MIB I created a bluray with 4+ hours of Godzilla battles only over 19 of his movies. I put a ton of effort into it and made it look extremely legit. Ive gotten tons of positive feedback from the GZ fan community on it. I'd like to send you a copy to check out. Would you be interested? If so please let me know how to get it to you and I'll send it right away.

  18. The Chad Godzilla Challange 1 Player vs The Virgin Godzilla Challenge 2 Player.

  19. I actually did thus with my cousin as he would grab a nerfgun and then put out all the bullets and then pretend to shoot difreent creatures like dinosairs from wwd the monsters from wwm or the beasts from wwb

  20. In the Grand Prairie library I found a couple of Godzilla books

  21. The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market says:

    6:41 Isn’t that an OG Smosh reference?! 🤣

  22. Imagine a mib video challenger video

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