The Video Challenger - MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 24 -

The Video Challenger – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 24

Monster Island Buddies
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We dig up an old 1980s toy where you shoot your TV screen while watching Godzilla movies! has donated a 1,000 yen coupon to all viewers who sign up thru this link:

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Quirky Dog by Kevin MacLeod

Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod

The Snow Queen by Kevin MacLeod


  1. CRゴジラ–is that one of the slots videos?

  2. MIB, I know you probably won’t see this, but would you ever consider doing a collection tour?

  3. Today I graduate. I graduated, and I came home, and this was on. Best graduation ever.

  4. 6:35 “You talkin’ to me Willy Wonka? I’ll take you to a land of pure imagination!”

  5. So it's basically like giving your little cousin an in hooked controller and thinking they are playing.
    You asshat! Where did you get crow and Tom Servo models!

  6. Are you planning to review super Godzilla?

  7. where did you get the godzilla mask

  8. Action Max! Go look up Pops Ghostly. So freaking weird.

  9. Is he half drunk Or is he sick cause his talking a bit slow then normal

  10. wasn’t there a cartoon show that had this too? power something?

  11. Mail bag question: If humans cities exist then why are some humans on monster island the size of monsters?

  12. Can you make master island buddies episode 124

  13. Can you please make another channel with all your vids with no cursing

  14. In last episode of destroy all Godzillas,Godzilla body has grown age quickly by time travel,Godzilla is gone old that's why hes having heart attack,I've fear he might die from the old age 😔

  15. Do a video game review on the game "Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale".

  16. MLB makes Orga movie Review Shin Godzilla from 2016

  17. Dang I didn’t even know that MOB still uploads

  18. ………..does MIB wear SKINNY PANTS!?

  19. please do a review on the 1998 documentary called Godzilla and Other Movie Monsters. i have always wanted someone to review it and talk about the catchy "Godzilla Rap" theme it has.

  20. Godzilla challenge is just like power rangers on sega cd

  21. Do you use a app when making a video, if so what is it

  22. Please can you do a review of the game Super Godzilla

  23. can you buy a new tv or are you stupid so BUY A NEW TV OK and the gun is a scam

  24. Is this where captain powers range of toys knicked its gimmick?

  25. Man the call of duty franchise really went down in the gaming industry

  26. Did the video challenger predicted how laser and energy guns would work JK

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