The Winner of IGN's Best Video Game of All Time Bracket -

The Winner of IGN’s Best Video Game of All Time Bracket

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You voted, and here it is: the IGN Community’s Best Game of All Time Winner, God of War.

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  1. It isn't my favourite of all time but it is in my top 10, so I'll consider it a win. Can't wait for Ragnarok

  2. The fact that this won the poll just goes to show that most people who voted are 25 or below and it's as IGN as it gets

  3. San Andreas will be the definite second if they put it against GTAV.

  4. Any list that doesn't have Super Mario 64 as the best game of all time is an invalid list.

  5. Not surprising, I've been telling folks that for me personally GoW 2018 might be the first game to be an actual contender to be the greatest game for its time besides Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask. How those were perfect then, this felt perfect when it came out for me.

    Then there's Smash lol, if you love fast gameplay with technical options and mechanics aka the hand eye coordinated millisecond to think version of chess then Melee / Project M are that 🤣 I still need that Ultimate mod to make it play like that. THAT would be the ultimate game ever haha

  6. Why is everybody always sleeping on Horizon Zero Dawn….?

    It’s easily one of the greatest games ever and it didn’t even make it into the brackets.

  7. This game still sitting in a wrapper by my ps5 😂

  8. Ghost of Tsushima is the new greatest game of all time 🔥🔥

  9. Nothing will ever top Thunder Force IV 😏

  10. RDR2 superior at everything, GoW was goty because the caracter popularity and the tons of overhyped kids.

  11. The witcher 3 dlcs alone are better than gow.this was cap

  12. Whoever voted GOW above The Witcher 3 may just as well leave their pretences of being gamers.

  13. My all time best 2 game of all time
    1.Half life 2
    2.God of war (2018)

  14. What other games had received 10 from IGN?

  15. No – it’s not. The IGN YouTube fans have got it wrong.

  16. Great game.. but not even in top 10 or 15 best games of all time

  17. Amazing game but best game ever made no not a chance

  18. definitely not the best game ever. just like with breath of the wild, when the sequel comes out everyone will realize how incomplete it was

  19. Breath of the wild, mgs5, dark souls, Mario odyssey

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