The Worst Games You've Never Played #8 -

The Worst Games You’ve Never Played #8

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The game featured is ‘Largo Winch: Empire Under Threat’ for the Playstation 2.

This is the longest single-game review I’ve ever made, and I might slit my hooves if I ever have to make another that’s this length again. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I hated making it!

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  1. You mean LINK plays the Ocarina. ZELDA is the princess.

  2. I hope no one complains about all the bad shit you found cause the whole game is just a shit hole. People should never bitch about the bad he sees in the games he reviews, cause so far the games I've seen him review are all shit and there's nothing good about them.

  3. I remember seeing this game on stores (mainly for PC) many, many years ago. It appeared to be one of those big/good games at the time, but for some reason I never really sympathized with that. Now I finally see that I haven't missed anything, and I'm glad for it!

  4. Largo Winch stays in Europe, but XIII (a good game also based on Van Hamme's work; seriously, playing that game makes me want to take a look at the comics, ordering them from BNN) is released in the States. Well, educational for an American who never saw this game at least (even when I lived in England).

  5. No way in HELL is that a human voice actor. It's text-to-speech run through auto-tune, so help me God.

  6. My favorite video game character is Zelda he always played an ocarina.

    People on both sides are gonna have a field day when they hear Zelda is trans

  7. I wrote a blog post about how much I fucking love Tennings… because this is what he does, he appeals to the male fantasy…

  8. Come on bro you know you copied angry video game nerd.. Don't you dare deny that shit.

  9. I want to have a beer with Tennings and play Lair

  10. Also the game The Sopranos road to respect is a bad game but the show is awesome

  11. I will tell you what annoys me the most a Kardashian r a Superstar such as Nicki Minge never gets their videos removed but the little person does like us. Haha

  12. My favourite dialog is … ulla ulla plz 😁😁😁

  13. i actually want to play this game now.

  14. Tennings is the only other person besides the AVGN that says "review" like that I've ever heard and I'm Irish

  15. I did get bored with this video actually lol. The fact that you got through this whole game makes it perfectly clear that you, are a better, tougher man then I am….

  16. So you joke about sexual assault and then make fun of trigger warnings. No thanks.

  17. 4:45 wow, Veracruz is a state and a city in that state in mexico. its on the gulf coast and is tropical. it is most certainly not a desert. I dont know which "vera cruz" this is referring to, but when youre talking about the locations in mexico, you dont use a space.

  18. Question: does a human voice Largo in the game or a computer?🤔

  19. They call me Tiago (yeah)
    I don't know who's Largo, ( Largo)
    I just hit this lotto (yes, I did)
    I'm building up my cargo
    And I know that I gotta go

  20. Tennings.. If I'm watching this your dead. As it takes so long between uploads

  21. I'm amazed you find these terrible games somehow. And to think this is from Ubisoft. Their games are usually "well made" with high production values but full of bugs and issues, but this is a new bar of low.

    I died of laughter when I saw the turn based fighting system. WTFFF

  22. Fun Fact: Veracruz, Mexico has a "tropical savanna" climate, and gets an average of 61 inches of rain per year. Honolulu gets less than 40.

    It does not, unlike how it's depicted in the game, appear to greatly resemble a Chuck Jones Roadrunner cartoon.

  23. This is the best of Tennings work, fookin great

  24. i just have to disagree to your review entirely!

  25. Zelda is the main female character. She is the Ruler of Hyrule. Link is the main male protagonist.

  26. You remind me of the leprechaun from the simpsons when hes angry, and dude the game is 20 years old chill out

  27. Can't watch.
    Your over the top swearing makes the video uninteresting, what are you 11 y o?
    it's just a game you're way to emotional over nothing.

  28. I've been looking for the Largo Winch comics for almost 5 years, i read one once in a supermarket and a friend of mine had this game, and we liked because of that "naughty" scene. but i just could not remember the name, so thank you for closing this for me.

  29. Was this… was this Ireland's first case of COVID?!

  30. Missing ur videos bro, make a comeback ASAP

  31. Yakuza 7 did the turn based combat way better than this

  32. I'd love to listen to the ocarina music. Just reduce the volume a bit and you're good


  34. Is it the recording or does this game have terrible lighting?

  35. Sensitive viewers @21:00 , skip ahead to 22:10 to NOT get triggered by the abusive foul dialogue in these emails.

  36. "People say I only complain about the bad things in a game…" Umm are people idiots for saying that? Yes I think so. Your channel is titled 'Worst Game You've Never Played." He's talking about a BAD game! People that tell YouTube's that they only talk about the bad things in a game and have the word 'worst' or 'bad' in the channels title should explain everything. But people are so moronic that they can't handle just hearing the bad things. This game is BAD! If anyone wants to find the good things in it, then let them do it on their own time by watching a boring play through. So one more time for the slow folks,

    Bad Game = Bad game, nothing good or positive in it.
    Worst Game = Its just bad, its one of the worst game titles, nothing positive in it.

  37. Isn't Zelda the princess and link the character you play. I am actually asking not trying to be snarky.

  38. 13:21 always gets a laugh out of me with the dramatic music with absolutely braindead combat.

    Love your streams and I’m bummed I missed this one.

  39. "… dangerously similar to comics sans". I wanna use this phrase so much, but dunno how I'm gonna slip it in s convo.

  40. God I wish you posted more your content is so good

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