The Worst Video Game Review -

The Worst Video Game Review

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Today I go through the topic of gaming journalism and talk about why IGN is seen as one of the worst things to ever happen to it, as well as cover their terrible Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition review.

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  1. Man, I miss ZeRo, regardless of his personal life, this guy has made me get through a lot of hard times. I was 15 when I was on my own, also was dating an older guy, and got abused a lot, People like ZeRo helped me through that time, when I was suicidal by putting a smile on my face. while im not sure how to feel about his bad side, I will miss him not doing anymore thats good for the world.

  2. Complaints about the voice lines during battle really confuse me. Just turn them down so you don't hear them as much. One of the things that I kept hearing about in reviews before I got the game was the annoying voice lines so when I started playing, I made sure to turn them down. It's not rocket science

  3. Melia is NOT Weak! She is a VERY VERY strong, powerful character! And she is very important to the game/story! How dare IGN!

  4. Hold on pause that at 8 09, they did something on oras, I gotta watch this, I'll be right back…

    To much water pokemon are used by team aqua, of course

  5. Can't spell reynbow without Rain.
    Rain time
    I am Duncan, attack me if you dare!

    Stay classy IGN

  6. Melia is the most op character in the game actually

  7. I stopped reading IGN in 2007. Yup it's that long ago that I realized they're full of shit. I can't even imagine how bad they must be nowadays.

  8. You can’t spell ignorant without IGN

  9. Melia, one of the weaker characters from the main campaign.
    Literally anyone who knows how she works: ima stop you right there.

  10. For most fans, it's when they dissed Melia. For me, it's when they dissed the nopon. Oh I'm sorry, the naypom. Honestly, if you don't like the nopon, then we can't be friends.

  11. Ironically, this is one of the best IGN reviews out there without a lot of corporate influence. Just a bunch of virgin weebs getting angry

  12. Zero can you post again I miss the content too much

  13. One of my least favorite ign reviews is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. This is mainly because they constantly compared it to monster hunter world even though gen ult came first and poked at it for playing like a mainline my game, and that it didn't have any of the stuff introduced in world, which is obvious since it released first.

  14. fact: these are the scores for xenoblade from IgN
    Xenoblade chronicles for wii:9
    Xenoblade chronicles for 3DS: 8.5
    Xenoblade chronicles for switch: 8

  15. Too late man, ice has already melted. Now you have to get yo butt ice for yourself.

  16. I’ve never understood the whole voice over thing. It’s just weird cause yea Altano (the guy who voiced the Xenoblade review) might not have played the game, but he does play games thus the reason he’s employed their. And most of the time the writers or reviewers are on shows at the same damn company. Is it a time thing? Cause I know id much rather hear it straight from the source. One of the rare times they got it almost all right was the Death Stranding review.

  17. I don't get the problem? Like i love oras but the review is completely fair and all those things ARE problems, and even in reviews like mistery dungeon, they are entirely right as the gameplay is monotonous. Idk man i don't see any problem, especiallt with mispronouncing names. Like- that's just shaming people for not knowing how to pronounce stuff which is really stupid

  18. IGN is why I started to listen to more independent game reviewers like TheHappyGamer. My only reason for going to reviews is to hear what others have to say about their experience with the game before spending $60.

  19. The only review ign did well was Project x zone 2 one .
    They gave it 6.5 i even think they give it so much for the game it is

  20. gotta find it funny how the person who wrote it thinks it takes 100+ hours to beat the game when its usually 60

  21. Ah yes my favorite characters. Rain, Dunkin, and Napkin

  22. wanna bet the dislikes are from the IGN fans

  23. If you work for a gaming news company who wants to do reviews:
    1) Get a good reviewers
    2) Make sure that the reviewer actually is a fan of the genre
    3) Listen to different sides of the arguement

  24. I believe that IGN should have just got the person to review the original to review this version.

  25. IGN
    freaking IGNorant!
    Also why did fortnite get a higher rating than smash ultimate

  26. i agree actually about the battle quotes. i would like to keep them but make it so characters say it less frequently especially when the music is good

  27. AH yes…the site that actually gave Evolve….a 9/10. It was at this moment exactly that I stopped listening to “professional” reviews.

  28. the funny thing, i complete the game using only melia lol

  29. They gave Alien: Isolation a low score because it was hard.

  30. Screw You Tube for even recommending me this

  31. I feel like when IGN needs footage of a game, they should probably get someone who is familiar with the gameplay style or who actually plays that game, because I find that the gameplay in the reviews don’t fully show what the game is capable of.

  32. The Xenoblade series sucks. Also, some of the reviewers pass their script to a narrator. There's nothing wrong with that. IGN is the McDonald's of reviews. They're good for a quick rundown of a game. Perfect if you're at a game store browsing.

  33. They really gave ghosts a 9 after bo2 that’s crazy

  34. Alien:ISOLATION is the worst review he made and it could have probably killed the game if people listened to him

  35. IGN:
    Mario Golf (GBC): 10/10
    Xenoblade Chronichles DE: 8/10

    Are they…okay?

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