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Timberborn Review – Beavers, are they Worthabuy?

Worth A Buy
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  1. I just noticed this game last night and I thought to myself "I hope Mack see this game and gives us a WAB on it soon".

    You must have read my mind Mack! Nice one!

  2. Bit of casual fun. Like the concept around beavers

  3. Got it, simple strategy: Beware of drought and keep them beavers wet!

  4. Love this game so far but the tutorial could definitely use some work

  5. I like these games. Picked up rimworld after your medieval game review and will be getting that when the full release comes out.

  6. Age of Empires 4 , open Technical Test is where????? …

  7. Mack, you should try Legend Bowl. Its a really good American hand egg ball game made by one guy and you get to give EA shit for madden inn the review too.

  8. Have you tried out Patron or Foundation yet? Maybe we need a comparison video of all these different building games.

  9. Wtf they must of been smoking some serious Jamaican woodbine when coming up with this game

  10. Dammit this was click bait. These are not the beavers i was looking for😤

  11. You should worth a buy
    Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic!

  12. This is the "Chipper & Sons Lumber Co." Scott Cawthon wanted to make

  13. If there are beavers in game, it cannot be bad.

  14. A happy beaver is a moist beaver. Got it.

  15. Wish I had the same experience Mack did. I didn't like this one at all and I love city builders.

  16. Where's the winter season? How do you do a game about beavers where nothing freezes over? Sure, they aren't exclusive to colder climates but they are their primary habitats. Not having a loop with four seasons sounds like a missed opportunity.

  17. These beaver innuendos have really been gnawing away at me.

  18. Nice one Mack, would you consider looking at Dorfromantik? It's not exactly new but if you like chill building its great, though it's more of a puzzle game.

  19. Saw a video on this game the day after it came out. Never heard of it before. Watched 10 minutes of the video and I was sold! Glad you reviewed this game to bring more light to it. It's pretty enjoyable and worth the money (especially if you get it on sale). Keep up the great work!

  20. does anyone know a simple city builder that isnt complicated to learn? or not many little things to learn?

  21. But Mac, can I park my Chevy at the Levy?

  22. did that one beaver die from dehydration? x(

  23. One thing that Mack left out that I think is important to note with it being early access is that the developers are active. The entire UI was recently updated and the result is what you see on the screen here.

  24. You are dammed if you do, you are dammed if you dont.

  25. Another quirky city builder…… hears "lumberpunk"……


  26. Can i pet your Beaver 🦫 Mack?…..😂😂

  27. Ok steam, now give me a platypus game where you can kill beavers and sabotage their factories.

  28. I gotta hand it to you. You must have some superb focus to be playing all these complicated little games.

  29. Played it for a whole day.
    It's one of the best city-builders I've played.

    But yes, the "vertical building" gimmick seems very pointless.

  30. Hohoho !, heeheeeheee !, so now we are all going to rate beavers ?, really, ? oops, sorry Mack I just fell of my chair laughing and bumped my funny bone on my computer desk !, ouch !!. Ding !, Ding !, Ding !. Time for your Tommy Lee Jones to make an appearance after my comment !. Lol !. Thanks Mack for another interesting review, appreciated.

  31. Ok, I'll be that nitpick guy: there's no electricity — it's mechanical power.

  32. Nice beaver game Mac, have you tried any of the DLC add ons? Like the one where you can branch out into confectionery production with different shapes of chocolate sea creatures, like starfish and can you switch easily between the beaver and the starfish production or will that result in damage to the bakeries yeast supplies?

  33. Hello worth a buy how come you stopped recommending games on your steams curators page?

  34. Hello Mack I hope you are well. I was wondering if you could review hell let loose. A very popular ww2 game right now. Thanks:)

  35. Never made a request before, but here is one. "The Witness" It's old now, but it's some of the best game design I've ever seen. My mind is blown away and I'm only 3 hours in. So many thoughts and ideas from the developer has gone in to that game. I think you'd enjoy it, even though it is a pussle game. But it opens your mind in terms of how much you can get out of a simple mechanic if you simply put your brain into it.

  36. I like to keep my beavers moist. Thanks Mack for helping me with this.

  37. As a Canadian, I feel obligated to try this out eventually

  38. 'fill the gaps'… That's how I make kids… Fill them gaps with baby batter…

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