Top 10 Video Games With The Best Waifus -

Top 10 Video Games With The Best Waifus
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We know the REAL reason you’ve been playing these games! For this list, we’re observing games whose leading ladies often overshadow the main protagonists…or just about every other character and aspect of the game. Our countdown includes “Resident Evil” series (1996-), “Soulcalibur” series (1995-), “Shin Megami Tensei” series (1992-), “Final Fantasy” series (1987-), “Genshin Impact” (2020) and more! Did any of your favorite waifu-filled games make the list? Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Here are my favorite waifu games: Dead Or Alive series, Soul Calibur series, Bayonetta, Heavenly Sword, Golden Axe, Star Fox series
    Here's my list of Waifu characters:
    1. Mila DOA
    2. Tina DOA
    3. Lisa DOA
    4. Kasumi DOA
    5. Ayane DOA
    6. Nyotengu DOA
    7. Krystal (StarFox)
    8. Sophita (Soul Calibur)
    9. Bayonetta
    10. Noriko and Kai(Heavenly Sword)

  2. I knew DoA was gonna top the list for sure.
    Also honorable mention to Tekken?
    Christie, Nina, Ana, Asuka, and Lily are pretty much waifu material.

  3. Me before I click on the video- They better have persona on here.
    Me as the video starts- that was fast.
    For the record Makoto is the best. I know it's just an opinion, but I'm right.

  4. Oh come on where is Bayonetta? I’d take her over half of your list at least.

  5. why no tifa/aerith snaps/videos on the final fantasy part? and where are the tekken girls???

  6. I know it's a mobile game, but no Fate Grand Order?

  7. Next time add, code vein and sword art online Hollow realization.

  8. How the hell does Fate Grand Order not make the cut?

  9. You never heard of League of Legends?

  10. I would have put in honorable mentions "Valkyrie Chronicle"

  11. Well, you lost me when you used "bae". No one has used that term in several years.

  12. yeah if your trying crash the internet this list will do it seeing how no matter who is on this list some one well say its all wrong

  13. You put Dead or Alive as number one and don't even show footage from any of the Xtreme games?

  14. You missed possibly the better waifu game of the two MiHoYo games, Honkai Impact.

  15. You had me at video game waifus

  16. Homura from senran kagura has my vote . Plus I love a good female swords woman

  17. Touhou, Ace Attorney, Shining Force, Phantasy Star, SD Gundam G Generation and Super Robot Taisen also has waifus.

  18. How did you somehow manage to make this list without Fate GO and Kancolle? Fail

  19. I'm surprised Touhou and Neptunia aren't on here. Their entire IPs are Waifu Central

  20. fire emblem fans debating who's the hottest war criminal

  21. Please do top 10 anime series with best waifus.

  22. Aerith from ff7 remake not the original though

  23. I’m sorry did he say lady ann was best girl in persona !?!

  24. I’m surprised Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat weren’t mentioned.

  25. All this did was give me flashback memories of the old G4 Channel and when they did Video Game Vixens Award Show and devoted several minutes talking about how the people behind Dead Or Alive series were at the forefront of developing ground breaking breast physics for their female characters.

  26. For some reason none of the pioneers of waifu dating simulators like Harvest Moon made the list. (if we are specifically avoiding visual novels for being more novels than games)

  27. I think this is the most human watchmojo narration ever

  28. Shit taste , seriously Genshin Impact , Danganronpa , Senran Kagura , Soul Caliber?

  29. I'm disappointed that Bloody Roar, Killer Instinct, and Tales of series didn't even get honorable mention.

  30. I can’t believe you didn’t include Chun-Li and 2B/A2 from Nier Automata !

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