Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2021 -

Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2021
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These games were undoubtedly the worst to release this past year. We saw plenty of fantastic titles throughout 2021, but as with every year, there’s a handful that ought to be avoided. Our countdown includes “Destruction All-Stars” (2021), “Balan Wonderworld” (2021), “Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood” (2021), “Taxi Chaos” (2021), and more! Did you play any of these terrible games? Share your shame with us in the comments below. Promise we won’t judge!

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  1. 𝕸𝖆𝖙𝖚 𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖔 says:

    Gta Trilogy DE Also sucks

  2. I’m surprised GTA the trilogy is not here

  3. Only one I played properly was crash on the run and gave up on that after a few days after realising how shit the grinding and cool-downs were. Also played destruction all stars for about half hour and deleted it

  4. "The same dialogue all over and over and over."
    What a bullshit argument. You could say you drive one person from one destination to another to another with the same responses. There was also this kind of game but with catching safari animals. Which was, do not be surprised, the same thing over and over and over and over again!
    (I also think that is kind of the taxi grind. You pick up people and almost everyone has the same story, visiting relatives, drive to their girl or boyfriend's house to make up, just got into a new study, got accepted at a university, etc etc. )

  5. 10 taxi chaos
    9 pokemon unite
    8 destruction allstars
    7 Arkhams horror:mothers embrace
    6 werewolf:the apocalypse earthblood
    5 crash bandicoot:on the run
    4 harvest moon:one world
    3 balan wonderworld
    2 popeye
    1 Efootball 2022

  6. Bro vanguard is much worse then battlefield.

  7. I will say this: you put Unite on this list, but you neglected BDSP. I played and enjoyed Unite for several months. Yes it is a cash grab, but it is at least fairly fun, and they made improvements. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the other hand are bare bones, minimalist remakes that had the chance to make a great Generation better. Instead they kept a bunch of stuff that people hated from the original games, and while yes they made some welcome changes others were not. On top of that the "spend 60 extra dollars to buy both games if you don't have friends so you can complete the Pokédex" is the exact same crap as they pulled in Sword and Shield, but at least in Sword and Shield they gave two alternate gym leaders. The fact they still do the two versions and don't just make the extra Pokémon DLC is ridiculous. Add to that the fact that they are charging 150% of the cost or the DS games for basically a new paint job and it is quite literally a cash grab. The thing is, unless the consumers stop rewarding this behavior, there will be no reason for Game Freak to change. Yes, I know it was a separate company who made both Unite and BDSP that wasn't Game Freak, but it is still their IP and they still have the final say.

  8. When a free game makes the list it has to be REALLY bad

  9. Pokemon unite shouldnt be in this list period 🤔

  10. Tencent's aggressive buying of studios….oh you mean like when Microsoft bought Bethesda. Tencent's egregious monetization practices….oh you mean like EA (FIFA) and 2K, which are basically casinos. I just love the narrator's idiocy.

  11. Why in the universe, is pokemon unite is a bad game? I played that game alots of times

  12. Dude where's GTA Triology definitive edition..?

  13. COMMENT MAN📀 (pro player of pogs) says:

    Pokemon unite is good not terrible the graphics are good ECT

    i know its copied but there literally a lot of ripoffs that has much high rating than the original one.

  14. dont bash harvest moon without mentioning that the original games are now story of seasons

  15. New World is missing, another failure of Amazon with the fastest decrease in gamers on steam.

  16. WatchMojo: Puts Pokemon Unite and Crash On The Run in their 10 worst games list.

    Google Play Games Awards:
    Puts it in their 10 best games list.

    Me: "ummmmmm. Y'all sure about that?"

  17. How anyone expected that werewolf game to be good was beyond me. How anyone was surprised it sucked was also beyond me.

  18. So you're telling me taxi chaos is on a worst video game list because of the same dialogue? Everything else about the game is really good and fun you guys are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this list aren't you.

  19. Just think making such a video in the year with the most and worst games ever, and filling up the list with garbage nobody heard of..

  20. Can't believe Amazon's New World didn't show up here. Considering AGS had to hire a botnet PR firm to spam their recent reviews and subreddits with positive remarks about the game taken from a script copy and pasted. The game infamously shut their economy down THREE times in the first month of release due to dupes and failed patches. The player base took a nose dive off the cliff and the game is run by bots now.

  21. me pueden explicar que poronga hacia lo celso en el arco de argentina !?

  22. HEY, C'mon over. Have some fun with Taxi Chaos!


  23. Balan Wonderworld? More like Bland Wonderworld 😵‍💫😂!

  24. Wait… so #10 is bad…because it has repetitive dialog, ok…ay.

  25. I am ashamed to admit, I played Pokemon Unite on the Switch, before it came out on mobile. I only played 1 hour or more, according to my profile, and it is deep in my play list. I quit playing it long ago

  26. Its for me: pokemon franchise is the one of the sh***y boring game..i ever played

  27. I "like" how lists like these are posted before the year they're about actually ends >_>

  28. I'm surprised at the amount of NASCAR 21 mentions on here. Not because it isn't terrible, good god no. Just, it's NASCAR, and you never see it mentioned that much. So that tells you how bad it really is.

  29. Why is Battlefield 2042 not number 1 on this list. It's clearly the worst game this year!

  30. Lol when you brought up wwe 2k20 I died laughing

  31. Why isn't Call of Duty Vanguard on this list?

  32. Pokémon Unite and Destruction All-Stars aren’t that bad compared to the rest of the list.

  33. Let's be honest all new videos be shit lately

  34. Crash on the Run is FREE. It's fairly fun, nothing's broken. Sure, the progression might be tectonically slow, but I did it, without giving them a single cent. It's not a bad game, let alone one of the worst in the year.

  35. Um i am just going to say this Harvest Moon of now and Harvest Moon of old are not the same. If you want to know why it is because Marvelous who has made the series since the SNES was a small japanese company and could not distrube to other regions. That is where natsume steps in they would do the American releases and translation work. Well as you get to the early 3DS Marvelous has now made a lot of money that they can publish on there own but the issue is that Natsume owns the rights to the Harvest Moon name so after Harvest Moon 3DS the series changed to story of seasons. So if you really want to track the series it is story of seasons as Natsume makes there own still trying to cash in on the fact they own the Harvest Moon name but did not make the games.

  36. Well Harvest Moon isn't really dead.
    Harvest Moon just goes by it's Japaneses name now which is Story of Seasons.
    Here is a short version of that when Story of Seasons first came to the west it wasn't originally called Harvest Moon that was the name Natsume gave it which aren't the makers of the series that would be Marvelous.
    Well they had a falling out and Natsume kept the name Harvest Moon while Marvelous kept the series including characters.

  37. I’ve never been so disappointed by a game then Sonic colors ultimate, the fact they remake such a wonderful game only to fuck it up so badly is another reason why sega really doesn’t care about it’s fans

  38. Pokémon Unite wasn't that bad. Though to be fair, you didn't really criticized its basic mechanics and gameplay which I thought was average. With that said, Pokémon Unite probably has some of the slowest way of earning currency/coins in all the MOBAs I've played. It's kinda weird tho because earning fashion tickets for your character is easier and faster than the coins for buying Pokémon licenses. I also think they released this game way too soon. The roster is too small and the role mechanics aren't that fleshed out well yet

  39. Wheres the gta trilogy I had hope for RockStar but they rereleased 3 great games tried to update it with modern tech available and made it way worse than the ogs made with the worse tech just wtf went wrong

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