Top 10 YouTube Video Game Reviewers - TopX Ep.11 -

Top 10 YouTube Video Game Reviewers – TopX Ep.11
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Welcome to the eleventh episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! You can vote on future episode topics here: Today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Reviewers. Check us out at , and . Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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  1. ProJared is da best. AngryJoe has fallen off my list this year.

  2. If this list was done in 2019, i'd have to put Mac @ Worthabuy at the top. Dude is brutally honest and hilarious with that damn bell lol

  3. Yahtzee is the best and that's the fact so you can all use your rectum ans a pencil sharpener if you wont accept it.

  4. how the fuck is avgn not #1 the angryjoeshow is fucking shit

  5. I love Angry Joe, but AVGN revolutionized the genre. If there was never an AVGN, there’d never be an Angry Joe. Hell, there’d never be half the guys on this list.

  6. For the first time in a long time; I actually agree with this list.

  7. Yeah Jared 😂you know you know what I am talking about.

  8. 1. videogamedunkey
    2. videogamedunkey
    3. videogamedunkey
    4. videogamedunkey
    5. videogamedunkey
    6. videogamedunkey
    7. videogamedunkey
    8. videogamedunkey
    9. videogamedunkey
    10. videogamedunkey

  9. Angry Joe speaks really clearly and really does pinpoint the games and describes them really well. The only problem I have with his channel is that during his reviews, the parts where he is demonstrating a cartoon or video game clip lasts a little bit too long however the review of the game is done really well.

  10. I hear this dude on watch mojo all the time just now seeing what you look like

  11. I used to read ign and game pro magazines before Youtube existed lol

  12. Number 1 is the guy Who loves suicide squad

  13. AVGN should be #1 I mean he made videos before youtube even existed.

  14. Angry Joe ahead of Angry Video Game Nerd…….I cant stop laughing at that…sure I like Joe, but he isnt in James' league

  15. Honestly i thought that u have forgotten to mention angry joe show well thank god he was number 1 or i would have unsubscribed

  16. Love John Tron show – watched it for first ti 5 years ago.. Love the sarcastic sense of humour 😁

  17. Avng review old games. It Dose not matter if he was first. You can not be the best if you only review one type of platform. Lol angry goes over old, new, and bad tf. And explain in good detail. Look AJ deserve number 1 periods. Sec avng is ok but. That's facts

  18. Angry video game nerd is one of the best youtubers of all time.

  19. So you’ve ignored the fact that James Rolfe effectively started the whole trend of video game content creation on YouTube. That’s a bit low of you, since James has never changed his formula of making videos in his own format and it stayed the same relatively well, ageing like a fine wine. Joe, however – is just not the same in terms of “the show” anymore. His character is pretty much dead.

  20. My opinion

    10. PeanutButterGamer
    9. ProJared
    8. MandaloreGaming
    7. Angry Joe
    6. Dunkey
    5. NitroRad
    4. The Completionist
    3. JonTron
    2. Caddicarus
    1. Avgn

  21. You were joking about IGN right? RIGHT????

  22. Балкансрпскапећина says:

    angry 😠 joe bitchesssss

  23. Why does every video game YouTuber feel the need to be a comedian ?

    The only one that pulls that off (IMO) is Scott The Woz




  25. The fact that zero punctuation is not 1st is a travesty. His writing is head and shoulders above the rest….

  26. Excuse me, why the fuck is IGN on here?

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