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Twelve Minutes Review

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Twelve Minutes is a compelling time-loop mystery that’s elevated by a great story and strong performances from Daisy Ridley, Willem Dafoe, and James McAvoy. Reviewed on PC by Ryan McCaffrey.

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  1. this game had 8 hours worth of story content ?

  2. That was the most 9.5 sounding 8 I've ever seen.

  3. 12 minutes sounded pretty “unique on paper” to me lol

  4. Faisl ファイサル Фейсал فیصل says:

    Sweet home alabama 😱

  5. Man this game's score is all over the place according to different reviews I've seen. Interesting 🤔

  6. What time exactly it will be releasing

  7. can you let the cop take your spouse leaving you to finish out the evening in peace?

  8. Man: *shoots self because wife is dead*
    Dude, just try to leave the apartment, you know that resets the loop.

  9. this entire game is just 47 reloading because he lost his Silent Assassin rating

  10. i'm convinced, totally playing this whenever comes out

  11. Must be a boring life in that apartment, no PC, no console, no TV

  12. Please bring it on consoles, that would be a much more intuitive experience !

  13. How did an indie developer manage to hire Willem Defoe, James McAvoy and Daisy Ridley?

  14. “Why this cop was so aggressive “

    Bro that’s no cop that’s agent 47

  15. im always interested in games that have big actors in them.

  16. cool concept but those little claustrophobic interiors would soon make me wish for a bigger environment , say a penthouse.

  17. what is the point to review if every game is 8?

  18. Nice try IGN but this review is actually 5 minutes and 30 seconds long.

  19. Annapurna knocking it out of the park for publishing these art titles. They're slowly becoming my favourite!

  20. Wllem Dafoe: "I'm something of a gamer myself."

  21. The real mystery is why someone would come home to eat dessert without dinner.

  22. this is a basic point nd click game where to try make it something new they changed the camera angle to the horrid top looking down view…i can not be doing that crap like that

  23. Why does Ryan sound like he's screaming in this review?

  24. This review is almost half of the game itself

  25. 2:33 Huh, just finished the game and didn't even know we could die like that. Kinda cool though, that goes to show how many options the developers added into the game 🙂

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