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Uncharted 4 is the Best Game I’ve Ever Watched | Girlfriend Reviews

Girlfriend Reviews
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Uncharted 4 is the best game to watch a loved one play. Here’s why.

Special thanks to this channel for some of their beauty shots:

And another special thanks to this channel for documenting this game’s insane details:

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  1. Damn, I wish my girl was into games like that, the moment I hop on my ps she starts giving me the kind of look an old man gets from the grim reaper… Dead serious (Hehe no puns intended)

  2. I'm a big fan of the Uncharted series. During this pandemic, I decided to play all the games again. Damn, they're all great, but Uncharted 4 was even better than I remembered.

  3. You are so correct, it is a game made for the cheerful audience in the background, popcorn in hand. A smoke makes it even more entertaining

  4. Hard to believe this game is made in 2016. Naughty Dog are God's man . Don't know how they do this . Probably one of the best if not THEE best team cinematography you can get in a game and very detailed gameplay you can get in a game . Not to mention , intense and emotional stories on the side as well . Very very rare now a days . I just started playing the Uncharted series for the first time a couple weeks ago . Still on the first game but it's making me hyped to get to 4 and Lost Legacy . Both look really awesome .

  5. As much as y'all reference LOTR, have I missed the review of "Shadow of War/Mordor?" New sub also, your vids have me cracking up beginning to end.

  6. I have a question (idk if this has been asked in the comment section already, forgive me for that!). I just bought a PS4 from a friend who had uncharted 4 so he gave it to me too. My question is: do I have to play the previous games (I never watched it, never saw even the trailer or any gameplay, I have just a slight idea what it is about). So what do you recommend ? Can I just play it or should I get the previous titles too?

  7. And that y they are making a uncharted movie

  8. I'm sorry but… Uncharted 4 is my favorite game ever and it can't be changed. The whole uncharted serie is AMAZING but the 4th? A MASTER PIECE! its like… the little cherry on the top of the best cake ever

  9. Great game fun only last of us was better naughty dog is the king

  10. Uncharted 4 is the best game I've watched?
    What you seen its gameplay or what?

  11. NaughtyDog makes overrated games.
    They are more like movies rather than games. That is just throwing away the potential of games in favour of making them more like films.
    Are they good? Yes, but not that good.

  12. One of my all time favorite games. Utterly beautiful with a gripping storyline (as are all the Uncharted series), but this one was a finale in the best ways I wish all games could be so engrossing. I really must play it again, and I normally don’t replay long campaigns. I have only just started the Lost Legacy spinoff.

  13. The coop is underrated asf. I'm gonna play it with mah momma. And teach her the campaign 🙂 and how to fkn play lol.

  14. if you play the previous 3 games before this one you can feel the love of the developers for the franchise in this one.. the fanservice level of this one is unmatched! Love you guys by the way >.<

  15. "Swordfighting Jake Gyllenhaal" Now that you said it, I can't unsee it, and now I want him to be opposite Tom Holland in that Uncharted movie.

  16. This game is not really good.. much better tomb raider…

  17. You said it well, Woman.
    Basically Naughty Dog produces nothing short of MasterWorks.

  18. the way you guys put that lord of the rings part into that video just made me so happy that I had to pause out of excitement …. I adore you

  19. It's funny that she's calls it the pinnacle of backseat gaming, coz I think that's the only I'd enjoy this game. Everything about the visuals, narrative, characters and dialogue is amazing. Druckmann would make u superb film director. Everything about the gameplay is a joke tho. Exciting when you can put the controler down. Intolerably boring when you're asked to do something. Had to put it down after a few hours 🙁 uncharted 2 was a masterpiece in pacing at the time. This is an outdated, even less refined version of that.

  20. Hollywood’s gonna wreck this game for sure. Even the love story in this game is better than most films I’ve seen

  21. Youtube algorithms brought me here and I have to say they nailed it. The writing + humor + editing here is fantastic. Sending this to my wife ASAP.

  22. these videos are so well written. bravo some dudes girlfriend 👏

    I mean that sincerely not condescendingly btw

  23. The most valuable couple since Jay-Z and Beyoncé ❤️

  24. I 100% agree with the title. I was a total backseat gamer with my boyfriend on this one and enjoyed every second of it. Especially yelling the directions 😀

  25. This channel is pure gold. So glad I found you both.

  26. I never paid attention to uncharted, but I got gifted uncharted 4 and honestly its one of my favourite games ever

  27. Ps4 can run this but cant get 30fps on cyberpunk

  28. I dont have a PS 4 to play this and I hate myself for it.

  29. My family used to gather around with me to watch me play it, everybody were amazed with the level of details and they even came visit us just for the game :3 ohhh memories

  30. Ehi, guys! Love your videos.
    I guess you got asked this so many times before, but how would you get your partner (my girlfriend in this case), who's not into videogames like AT ALL, to play or at least be a backseat gamer for once?
    I've tried with TLOU (which is one of my favorite of all time, of course), but she has given up after meeting Ellie. Can you imagine?😅
    Love u guys, and keep up the good stuff!

  31. I played some with my cousin and it was amazing.

  32. Uncharted is a masterpiece in every aspect, from a gamer and a critic.

  33. I fell in love with this game again because of your video.

  34. Girlfriends who like video games exist? 🤔

  35. Woman, I can not put in word how much i loved this Video. Literally. Loved it. Thank YOU! As I said. Can't really put it in to words. Just loved it :DD

  36. This one's a hell of a lot of fun even as an audience member.

  37. Fun fact: Uncharted 4 was the worst part of the whole franchise.

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