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Video Game Difficulty Is Overrated: Slayercoon Reviews

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While video games need some form of difficulty in order to be engaging and fun, it’s not the most important thing about a game, and there IS such a thing a game being too difficult.



  1. I actually like difficult games, I just don't think difficulty is the most important thing in a game.

  2. some of my favorite games (games being dj hero 1 and 2) are sometimes hard as F.U.C.C.C but i still enjoy them for the awesome charts and kickass soundtrack

  3. Weirdly I cant enjoy many "easy" games, like I play it and then quickly just get bored, its all about riding that thin line between easy and balls to the walls hard

  4. God those undyne fights are worse then sanses to beat

  5. To be honest…

    Music games should be hard as nails. That's an exception for me to try Extreme instead of hard. (Hard is my average difficulty normal for some games like DMC 3/4/5 and Bayonetta) also GTAV is trash and too easy and RDR2 was a let down for me because of that (and yes I played all of Max Payne 3 on hard Xbox 360 bad idea) also Shadow Of Mordor sucks because it's too easy and prefer Shadow Of War because of having a hard difficulty

  6. Lucarianite The Gem-MegaLucario Hybrid says:

    You don't need a good game to have good fun tbh

  7. People only praise Kirby for the sweet L O R E

  8. It took me a while to beat Unydne but I beat her, but I’m stuck on Mettaton now.

  9. at least you backed down when you basically said that cuphead was a fad when you were shortly proven wrong, most people with unpopular opinions will never admit when they are wrong, even when the evidence is right in front of their eyes

  10. there are games i've left on 90+% and found too hard to finish

  11. personally your game can be extremely difficult as long as you get a worthy reward for it, lore reasons, or if you just like that high of a challenge and it's used in a way that obviously isn't used to pad out the game. I really love the fulfilment I get when I learn how to get good at a very challenging game and I love the fulfilment of beating a certain part of the game. however you can make games that are really difficult and have nothing or very little to offer other than that and those are the games that I feel are overrated or just plain bad.
    I do wish people played more games that are more casual. For example I love to play adventure games a lot of which just consist of you exploring a world or a certain setting and talk to random people just for the atmosphere and usually clever dialog. these games show that you don't need to be difficult or even have rewards for it to be a good or great game.

    sorry for the long kind of ranty post

  12. Yeah, I agree, and I don't really like when I see levels in games such as Geometry Dash where people make levels of all kinds of difficulties, that take me hundreds of both frustrating and fun attempts to beat, then look at the comments to see that someone says "way too easy"

    I have maybe 5 favorite games, 3 of them are games where you can create content and play other people's content (osu!, Geometry Dash, Super Mario Maker), which I enjoy because it won't go from 1 to 100 on the difficulty scale and instead I can steadily improve, and 2 of them are easy story-based games (Night in the Woods and Mother 3), which I enjoy because they give me the feels. So yeah I don't really care about difficulty that much.
    Although I guess Mother 3 is pretty hard, but I can easily just look up strategy guides for the harder boss fights, but that's totally not what I did to beat it

  13. I don't mind a challenge in my games, if it's executed well, as in, if it was planned and intentional, and not as bad as games like Silver Surfer (which was the reason Game Genie was invented) or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Insert AVGN Joke Here). To give you the simple version, I think Intentional Difficulty is good, and Unintentional Difficulty is bad.

  14. I agree! I love games that tell a story like Undertale, Deltarune, NiTW, SallyFace, Fran Bow. But I also like some challenge, so I play The Binding of Isaac (the original and rebirth) just for fun. I tried similiar games like Wizard of Legend, but I never managed to beat the whole game, because of the difficulty, what really frustrated me. But I like the soundtrack. I won't really agree with you about the part about Undyne fight. She is pretty easy on pacyfist/neutral route. You just have to know when you should run away from her. It's one of those fights that you just have to survive. I would say that Muffet fight is worse, but there is a way to end it instantly, just like fight with Dogammy and Dogessa. Undyne on the genocide route is true pain in the ass. I was playing this shit for a week before I finally won, though Sans fight really stopped me from beating genocide. Also I don't know why you didn't talk about Jevil in Deltarune, but OOOF THIS GUYYY!
    Summarizing. Cuphead has really impressive character designs and beautiful traditional animation, but if it comes to gamelay and story, there is actually nothing interesting in it.
    I had also a weird case with Dere games. I played DERE.EXE and DERE EVIL.EXE at the same time. They say that evil.exe is easier, but I beat the first one faster so idk Xd.

  15. Jesus this channel is underappreciated!

  16. Funny I beat undyne without a sweat today Lol!

  17. if you know why there are many hard games because it's part of the dark souls universe

  18. Yes do a video about modern Warfare 3

  19. SlaverCoon i got good news for you Goanimate aka Vyond is ending on January 1st, 2020 that right

  20. I can agree about Cuphead being overrated. I’ve always thought that honestly

  21. Or like, leave the 1% of games that are actually difficult alone and be happy people have 99% of games to play that are easy?

  22. hey I watch your video about difficult is overrated but you should know that there's fair difficult and cruel difficult an example of fair difficult dark souls,cuphead,super meat boy,Celeste there are hard but fair an example cruel games battletoads,ghost n goblins,I wanna be the guy the movie the game(yes that's name),superman 64,and trap adventure 2

    already said this on your latest video

  23. Why is your logo a pentagram what are you a satanist

  24. What's that old saying? Video games can be appreciated for their artistic choices rather than their difficulty?

  25. Talks about easy and hard games……. Dark souls doesn't show up…… Yay I knew dark souls was the perfect game

  26. Who finished playing cupheads

  27. If you don't enjoy the challenge the dev's set for you, don't spend your money on it. Cup head is and was talked about with such fervor because of the dedication and passion that went into it. While yes the game can be a pretty hefty skill check, it along with other titles (Souls-likes, certain CRPG's, etc) are giving you the tools to beat them and letting the player gain enjoyment from finding for themselves the most effective way to apply the mechanics the the puzzle/bossfight/encounter at hand. That adrenaline rush of seeing through the attack patterns of a boss and accomplishing victory (not too dissimilar to the note patterns in titles like osu! and guitar hero on expert) is the fun of these games.

  28. WTF Happened To Difficulty Settings?!

  29. 2 words: repetition
    Okay, sometimes it could be more but some games are either so repetitive or not too repetitive. But not all games need to be nearly impossible nor way too easy.

  30. I generally like more Arcade-style genres but i do understand that gameplay needs a balance between difficulty and engagement. I call myself a "masochist" for liking F-Zero and Guilty Gear (both are quite hard to control) at times.

  31. I get that some people like feeling challenged but that isn't me, the last thing I want to do after having to put up with frustrating school assignments and frustrating stuff at work is to then play a frustrating video game. The main reason I play video games is to escape, in fact my favorite part to a game is it's atmosphere, this is why I'm a huge fan of opened world games, I like being able to explore in a game when I wouldn't be able to explore to that extent in real life as you can do all sorts of stuff in games that would be considered trespassing in real life or other situations that would get you arrested or killed in real life and this isn't even getting into games set in the far future, other planets or the past which would be impossible to experience in real life.

    Story is also important to me, yeah there's TV but I like to feel like I'm actually impacting things.

    Really, I think all developers should include a easy mode and an expert mode, thankfully a decent amount do.

    I can see why NES games were hard but those games were so basic that they basically had to be as the majority had next to no story and had very small, on-rails environments and yeah, I can see why they were hard, they forced you to play the game longer as most NEs games were only 30-60 minutes if you knew what you were doing in them. I respect NES games but I'll honestly play SNEs over it anyday as stuff like JRPGS really got going then (granted those could still be hard at times.)

    Now if I'm so overpowered in a game that I'm one hit enemies than I admit that's not great either but I'll take that over literally not being able to beat an enemy. Really, I usually choose Normal when playing a game, especially if I know I can change it mid game if needed.

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