Video Game Reviews with David Liebe Hart Ep. 1 - Duke Nukem -

Video Game Reviews with David Liebe Hart Ep. 1 – Duke Nukem

David Liebe Hart / Chip The Black Boy Industries
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  1. Dave I saw your tweet and came here right away, please review Duke Nukem 3D next.

  2. thank you for teaching me right from wrong

  3. thanks david i love your fresh web content and the data you've uploaded it feels great and truthful to be on line with you here on the web

  4. I so glad that the youth is having fun and learning morals at that same time

  5. Duke Nukem doesn't have very good Christian morals though David! Not sure if La Rent would approve of you zapping aliens either.

  6. Very cool! You did quite well for somebody who's not a gamer

    Would love to see more of these game reviews soon

  7. This is so nice. I can't wait to see more of these. 

  8. I would love to see more from you David.  I hope you keep it up!


  10. I would like to see David do the ice bucket challenge. Like if you agree.

  11. Please do more, this was great. Used to play Duke as a kid.

  12. Keep up the work really cool! check us out if you want!

  13. you use these left and right arrows to go left and right

  14. Fuck me this man is amazing at games !!!! can't wait to see what other games you review next. Try sonic the hedgehog or super mario next david, while adam papagan play that shitty guitar and that fat ugly blonde man thing off (jcsbl) dances next too you then sits on your face, now that would be a show 😉 XD lmfao.

  15. David you should try and get James Quall to join you on these so he can do his shit impressions or even better do the review with Jason that fucking creepy puppet while you fly on a chair up a hill that would be a amazing review

  16. " computers should be about education and high morals and not for pornography and not exploiting women."
    -DL Hart

  17. This looks like new cutting-edge technology, I think I'll wait 30+ years for the price to go down….

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