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Werewolf the Apocalypse Earthblood Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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karak reviews Werewolf the Apocalypse Earthblood
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  1. I'm convinced this is an unreleased PS3 game

  2. Well i am a sucker for the world of darkness, so i eventually i'll buy it…maybe on a 90% off

  3. Guess I'm better off playing Altered Beast than this steaming pile of wolf droppings. 🐺💩

  4. All that wind and not a single tree is moving lol

  5. Bummer. Looks like a $5 buy down the road.

  6. Honestly I pray that someday they’ll be a game that’s based on vampires and werewolves are only practically focused on them and they are just better with more options and stuff that make the best thing in mythical history

  7. Great review again,quick question acg,did you ever review ghost of a tale?

  8. This honestly feels like a game released in the mid 2000 😀

  9. BAF, space captain Stubbing.Stebbins. Damn, laughs.

  10. I liked Vampyr but it crashed on my ps4 several times. I got too frustrated and uninstalled.

  11. Sad that the game is still just mostly above sandbox, but they managed to get the combat parts well at least. They could have used at least a year more to get the rest up to par.

  12. I love the World of Darkness and really would love them to release a good, big, open world game in this IP world.

  13. After Dead to Rights Retribution and Bayonetta, we're definitely overdue for a proper game that lets you be a canine/giant cat. Actually, I forgot I have Okami HD to play hmm….

  14. Is it me or is it’s premise (minus the werewolves) similar to Final Fantasy 7?

  15. What's "kromattic arberashun"?… -_-
    In any case; Chromatic aberration is overused anyway. It's just used because it's available most of the time and it often doesn't make sense. Like lens-flare. It can look artistic, but lens-flare happens because of the glass of a lens. Do you want a game to look like you're following the character with a camera?… Usually, the camera should be "invisible", like you don't feel like you're looking through a camera but like you're there. – So, unless you're watching a cinematic cutscene, it shouldn't really be there, nor should chromatic aberration be, as it's also a lens-issue.

  16. The visuals look like a mix of PlayStation 3 and even 2 (sans the resolutions) at times. – Even the animations do… What the hell…

  17. I have no idea what happened with the audio🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. I had planned on making my own review of this game, but got sidetracked by other projects.

    I wasn't so much disappointed with the game, it's just not entirely what I was hoping for. Which isn't too much of a problem for me, because honestly people never know what they want until they have it. So for me, I wish there wasn't those weird arm tentacles when you become a Crinos during a full rage state. My other issue is that the character movements feel very…robotic. And lastly, the controls; not gonna lie, very wonky. An update can easily fix that, but the game is still new so we'll just have to see what all they fix and improve if they decide to do so.

    If there is one thing I wish they did for the game, it'd be gore mechanics (ripping off heads, etc.) and wall jumping (no, not wall running. More like a chain movement where you move from ground to wall to ground/target)

  19. Did you just say the Dresden Files? Hope you're a fan bc i love the books.

  20. i like Vampires the game Vampry that doctor mess is the only thing i dont like about that game

  21. do the game have a hard mode r a harder mode if so people should just play there games on that

  22. Wow that eye patch actually stayed on perfectly snug and in place despite the drastic change in bone structure… that alone kills it for me.

  23. So you are saying Golden Girls are epic. Interesting…very interesting.

  24. This seems like a low budget version of Legacy of Kain/blood omen/soul reaver like games.
    However I never really liked the WoD Werewolf mythos but than again I don't like the basic idea behind VTM either where it's mostly about Vampires being extra nice and careful because they can spiral down into being a monster very fast, which of course led to moral path's being a thing. But again my main problems with VTM being that you're supossed to be just a sidecharacter witnessing these great events that you barely influence and that you're punished too harshly for even just slightly evil things to a point where you've got barely any humanity points left despite not even doing anything truly evil….

  25. You rap? If not you should. You’re vocabulary is top notch!

  26. Damn. It really looks bland. Almost gives me an Andromeda Nexus type of feel. Just bland walls and floors with bland NPCs.
    Still..I love werewolves. I’m gonna get it now, March 2021 as it’s on sale for $27 right now.

  27. This game is now $29.99 on psn sale may think about getting it

  28. Currently 45% off on PSN. Tempted, but I think I'll wait for a deeper cut.

  29. Ahhhh, Listening to Tool, drinking beer and playing Werewolf, Vampire or Mage with friends. Good times

  30. I Keep waiting for a decent game to play next Gen . First time since N64 .After getting New Gen console you find there no new Gen games! It’s like they came out a year to early.

  31. This game is based on the 90s game the tried to say true to the feeling of that game with some new and kinda updated pieces here and there now I'm not mad at what they did A for effort think of this game as the Fondation of a werewolf game thats it there is no way to go but up and better I'm pretty sure if there's another one made it will be so much better and all the complaints will be taken and perfected on. I'm gonna but this game just to have and let's be honest who don't want to be a werewolf

  32. At least it is a werewolf game, not take seriously but just to enjoy

  33. Still waiting for the order 1886 part 2…

  34. You just need a bigger playground than a tight space and retarded guards in a science facility for a WW game, the mechs could also use more ingenuity and/or classes and much more. I mean it's not even as good as prototype/2. I just don't get why vampire/werewolf games have always mediocre combat when they can draw from so much lore for the abilities/skills/trees etc..

  35. They muffed it… I had so much hope for this.

  36. The D&D guy aren’t though. Golden Girls is definitely the best example of a game party

  37. I don't see this game for sale on Steam or GOG.

  38. For the price they want for this garbage, its an insult to all serious gamers

  39. can u mark the buy rent sale or never touch mark?

  40. I totally forgot about kindred the TV show. It was like Beverly hills 90210 meets vampire the masquerade….
    Pretty sure it also came on like the same night as 90210 or if not the same night…. oh yeah, it couldn't have came on the same night because it was Beverly hills and then Melrose place on FOX .
    It was the next night it came on. I just remembered the one episode with the Brujia singer who the female made…. And he just couldn't be tamed. Him and his wild alt-rock ways

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