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Why are video game movies so poo poo? | Girlfriend Reviews

Girlfriend Reviews
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In today’s very special episode I share what it was like to experience video game movies for the first time as an adult who had no idea they were like that. I watched Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Mortal Kombat! Which one do you think I liked the most?

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  1. talk abt Quantum break ,since it's a Video . . . . game. . . . movie . . . . ,I don't know exactly how to categories this one ,but yeah you get the point . .

    it's not good by the way . . .

  2. Dont forget the Rock version of doom and the weird straight to netflix doom movie that no one has seen.

  3. I love that once you got into games, you understood why people who play games feel insulted by most game movies.

  4. The why is simple you can't compress a 10-15 hour story into a 2 hour story and calling it day, instead video-game movies should create something original inside the universe of the games, just not adapt a game to a movie like the ac movie did, the movie wasn't very good but it did one thing well, it didn't adapt the games to a movie, instead expanded the universe

  5. Movie producers don't ask what the tone of the game is like. They just read the title and get a base-ldvel explanation of the game.

  6. Prince of persia is actually good, i dont know why nobody acknowledge that…

  7. Fun Fact: I found out a while ago that large part of why so many were bad was … tax evasion. There was a loophole in German law I don't quite remember where it was actually more profitable for the movies to do bad than good so they didn't try they just bought the titles and did the minimum

  8. My friends and I have a theory it's because boomers still control hollywood, so they think they know what makes a great movie while having zero understanding what a video game is

  9. I think they did a decent Silent Hill 1 movie. The second one though.. 🥴

  10. 2:22
    Shelby: "Paul Tomas Anderso-
    Oh wait, Paul W. S. Anderson… i dunno hoo dat is…"

    Me, looking at the thumbnail: "Oh, you will. You. Will."

  11. Yeah, all MK fans can agree that the MK movie is bad but good but bad but good 😂

  12. I love that BioShock made you an official gamer! I also love that you scare your dogs when you play 🤣

  13. Silent Hill was a pretty decent adaptation of a video game to film. Not perfect, but decent.

  14. The Dead Rising movies are pretty decent.

  15. Max Payne cut me… Deeply… So did Silent Hill

  16. You should check the first silent hill movie, it is ok in comparison to the source, but definitely is one of the best videogame movies out there, but only the first one

  17. I'm loving the SNL papyrus love in the past few vids

  18. Don’t worry. HBO are adapting The Last of Us. There is hope for video game adaptations.

  19. one of the reason is prob because we know the game and the series better than the one who make the movie, so when we look at it, we go like wtf is this it is all wrong

  20. Yo honestly that's most correct answer. 1 none of the video game movies are good, 2 well mortal kombat is cool lol

  21. Max Payne lol o forgot they had marky mark

  22. When he discovers director Uwe Boll, he'll probably shit himself 😀

  23. What movie was the clip with Ryan Gosling flippin the table from?

  24. I gotta be honest prince of Persia was actually done well

  25. After watching this video I discovered that they are rebooting RE for RE: Welcome to Raccoon City. It’s supposed to be faithful to the first two games as an origin story and Paul W. S Anderson’s greasy hands won’t be anywhere near it

  26. You should really take a look at the Uwe Boll movies, like any of them. The worst thing about them is that as a German citizen, I pretty much paid for them with my hard earned tax-euros, because he has foud a way to exploit the states art funding system in Germany… It's a shame really… And I feel ashamed! 😁

  27. I literally cried during Detective Pikachu. Not because of anything that happened in the movie, but the fact that I had finally watched a good video game movie. I felt the struggle of watching all the other failed adaptations lift off my shoulders.

  28. the Assasins creed movie is identical to the source material

  29. Missed opportunity for some jokes, you didn't mention street fighter. It had the muscles from Brussels himself in it.

  30. Silent Hill was probably the only video game movie that felt like it was in the world of the game. In fact it basically felt like it was the first game but instead of the father looking for his kid it was a mom. I think I read somewhere they changed it because they thought it was more believable a mother in the role of doing anything they can to find their child then a father… I don’t agree with that but they still made a good movie, possibly the only video game movie, that felt faithful to the game. Please play the first Silent Hill game and watch the movie!!! Best part is that the written and directed by someone who actually was a fan of the games! And the director, Christophe Gans, has said last year he is working on another Silent Hill movie and a Fatal Frame movie!! These should be the best thing to gaming movies since the animated collection of Resident Evil… Oh yeah check out the animated RE movies!!! Your boy Leon is all up in those!!!

  31. You lunatic …..lol the papyrus video again???? First the e3 2021 video now this…..PAPYRUS!!??lol keep up the good work you 2

  32. Good movies making games are trash
    Good games making movies are trash
    It's just a fact

  33. You should check assassin Creed too, it's so bad… so bad

  34. So I have to say, Silent Hill (the good one) is my favorite video game movie of all time because no other movie captures the FEEL and ATMOSPHERE of the game it is adapting better than this. It's biggest (and only) big sin is using monsters from Silent Hill 2 (which are very specifically designed for the story of that game's "protagonist") in the story of Silent Hill 1. Other than that, it is a fantastic horror film and a love letter to the first game.
    Sonic The Hedgehog was way better than any of us expected it to be, as an unapologetic Sonic fan who still adores Sonic as the "Fast and Furious" of the video game world, I loved it. Everything else is pretty much garbage but hey! The director of the good Silent Hill is coming back for another one and we are getting another Sonic movie along with a Mario movie by Illumination Animation too!
    Would love your thoughts on the few good ones!

  35. I played Resident Evil 3 and the main character is a girl. The whole movie franchise is based on Resident Evil 3 not 4, and if you play that game you realize it's actually a decent adaption at least the first 2 or 3 movies. The rest of them were not good.

  36. 4:52 another reference to snl's papyrus skit – i'm living for it

  37. Either one of the Hitman movies. 47 is not a movie character. He has almost no personality. That's the point.
    And look up Uwe Boll he's the Martin Scorsese of making terrible movies "based on" video games. It's actually a really good way to make money for him. He also lets people who hate his movies box him. And he wins.

  38. I gotta say my Favourite video game movies were Hitman, World of Warcraft and Mortal Kombat

  39. Please more of these. I love all your content, of course. Just consider, playing through a game takes forever, but movies are only 90-120 mins. So movie reviews would be great for when you are in a long play game. Keep the awesomeness coming! 💕

  40. That bit about the monster hunter movie was gold

  41. I think the only videogames movies are detective pikachu,sonic the hedgehog 😊also PLASE PLASE NOT HATE ME ME I GROW UP WITH THE NEXT 2 MOVIES are mortal kombat the original and street fighter the une with Raul Julia 😅😅😅

  42. Which video game movie should I get angry and confused about next? I want the worst of the worst 🧐

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