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Why Did Forza Horizon 5 Review So Well – Buy, Wait for Sale, Gamepass?

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Is Forza Horizon 5 good, bad, amazing, excellent or a reason to get gamepass? Karak reviews it. Forza Horizon 5 Review – Buy, Wait for Sale, Gamepass?
Watch this before you buy or gamepass it.
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  1. GT Sport has the right idea about avatars – just slap a customisable racing suit and helmet on everyone. Who's really bothered about their hair and shorts in a racing game?

  2. As with every review. Perfect review and keeping your brand aligned with your priorities. Hats off to ya ACG.

  3. Forza Horizon is a sandbox at the moment. It offers so many tools, options, and customization that you play how you want to play. It's not just a racing game. It's a car game. It's a celebration of culture. It's an exploration. It's a way to make new friends. It's a way to make lasting memories with complete strangers that you'll never meet again. Cruise through the country and enjoy the views. Take some awesome drone shots of some randoms tandem drifting. Create the car of your dreams. Create Redbull style stunt courses or the next F1 Mexican GP track. That's what's beautiful about Forza Horizon, you play the game how you want it to be played. It has enough settings and authenticity to intrigue the most avid sim racer while being simple enough for someone that doesn't give two shits about racing to have a blast and discover a love for cars. It's a game meant for everyone, not because it has a little something for everyone, but because everything in it is for everyone.

    Playground Games are at the top of their game right now. They know what players want: bigger maps, more tools, more freedom. The quality of their games is never a question. I ordered the Premium edition without hesitation despite owning Game Pass because I know I'm going to have an experience I won't forget. It's like a Christopher Nolan or Denis Villeneuve movie. Doesn't matter what title it is, you know it's going to be a masterpiece that you'll be buying a second ticket to see again despite seeing it the first time for free because your job tossed you a bone. Playground is at the top of their game, and they continually find a way to improve perfection.

    Great review as always! Always a hilarious mix of whit, detail, and passion.

  4. This game will be fun for about a week then get boring like all other open world racing games.

  5. Gladly spent $99 for this game. These developers deserve the support. Finally an excellent current generation game to be excited about. This is what we want from developers. Let last generation die already.

  6. Can i play this game using my gaming laptop
    i5 10th
    Gtx 1080 8gb ram 512 ssd??

  7. Not sure if "Worth a Buy" guy live in Scotland but he put "BRANDON" as license plate, discretely showing is love for American patriots… Worth to swing by"😀😁😂😂😂😂😂 like ACG, this guy is a Legend.

  8. I hoped for a more critical and in depth review from you..
    There's so much stuff wrong with this game as of now, the PC version just instantly crashes for a lot of people, for a lot of t hose who can play, it starts stuttering after 1-2 hours of gameplay, and overall there's a lot of small bugs and glitches that together amount to the game feeling unfinished and unpolished as a whole.
    Like cars just disappearing around you all the time, goes for other players and civillians. You can't even properly race people on the highway because everyone just disappears and pops back into existance randomly all the time, sure these are things that will eventually be adressed, but overall I'm not too happy with the game as it is.

  9. Looks really cool. Not a lot of driving games anymore either, but dont have an xbox. You can tell they put a lot of work into this.

  10. 1:34 I assume that you meant to say, "… choose performance versus quality." Anyway, good video.

  11. I'm brand new to PC gaming and I have game pass so this will be my first Forza horizon game, looking forward to it.

  12. Anyone else gonna be blastin' corridos in the background?

  13. personally i dont like car games (except underground 2 and burnout 3). I see these games more as a "tech test", and i like it.

  14. First five minutes of the game and it's already loaded with liberal, homosexuals, woke nonsense. Microsoft is becoming nasty as hell, Wonder everybody is going to PlayStation

  15. This game not only looks great with ray tracing on ultra but runs perfectly optimized so well

  16. i have 50 euros on steam instead of 60 🥲 Will it be for sale for christmas or should i end the pain and add 10 euros rn?

  17. This game crashes within the first 5 minutes for a large portion of players on PC.

  18. It's nothing like driving around in Mexico. If you aren't encountering Cartel owned Toll Booths on the highways every 30 minutes or running into armed road stops and being extorted to be let through every hour or so outside of the major cities, or accidentally coming across Drug Plantations in the jungles and grasslands and being shot at as a result or being mistaken for a bad guy by a desperate, undertrained over armed Militia of Avacado Farmers who are protecting their crops from the cartels who are trying to steal their crop AFTER charging them protection money for the season in the 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars then it's NOTHING like driving around in Mexico.

  19. What's up with the weird formatting of the sentences you put into the videos in the recent ones? Like why do you have the top bigger and then the bottom smaller on normal sentences and questions? It looks really stupid, and is really out of place on these otherwise excellent videos.

  20. I'm not sure if they broke the AI since this review, but it is rubber bandy AF and the cars are locked to the road "magnetically". They don't even look natural at all, movement wise

  21. The only thing I dislike about these series is that you get such good cars right in the beginning, I just started the game and after 30 minutes I had super fast legendary S1 class cars and whatever already.

    I wish we had slower progression where you actually got happy to go up one class after hard work like Nfs Heat, I remember driving a shitty car there that I slowly upgraded for hours before getting the Meercedes C63. It felt so good looking forward to the next faster car.

    In this game after 30 minutes you already driving A cars to S1 cars.

    I wish we had to grind the worst cars class by class so it actually felt rewarding.

  22. I don’t really like how right away they give you really good cars. Like I started off with 2 lambos and a mazarati.

  23. I've been playing FH5 for a few days now and no matter what I do, I just find a hard time really liking this game. I just find it to be nearly a copy of FH4 in it's presentation among other things I don't really care for. Sure it looks good visually but that doesn't make it fun IMO. Also I can't keep the game connected to the online elements as it constantly disconnects, if it even connects at all. This is the PC version anyway, I'm not sure about the console version.

  24. A truly excellent review. Well done!

  25. Not supporting this junk. Anyone else notice the "woke" messaging this game throws in our face? It seems no one wants to admit it, or discuss any of it. Have fun "guys"

  26. A great game but its image quality isn't as ultra clean as I had hoped. It's not Gears 5 clean, or RDR2 clean, meaning that there's aliasing, shimmering on things in the game world like fences, roofs of buildings, objects in general, even some cars on the back have aliasing, foliage can look rather grainy too. I can imagine it not being as visible on a smaller screen but with 2m away from a 65 inch it absolutely stands out. Apparently it's because of their anti aliasing tech.

  27. I bought the premium version even though it's on gamepass. 145$ canadian, and i don't regret my decision at all. Having a blast with it. A must buy for car enthusiasts

  28. "Douchie beanie that looks like an elephant's condom" LMFAO that got me big time.

  29. Wish the game was a bit more crazy. I love simulators but I think Forza Horizon should use the fact that its not Forza more. More TrackMania and more Stuntman packed into this would be insane

  30. I literally went out to buy an Xbox just to play this game 😂

  31. I haven't gotten into a racing game since Need for Speed 2 but not only am I obsessed with this game, i'm going to buy a $250 wheel / peddles setup to make it better

  32. Completely skipping the multiplayer part is unacceptable.
    Multiplayer was basically unplayable in FH4, either forcing you to play random everything, or constantly disconnecting everyone.
    The fact that nobody even bothers to mention multiplayer in reviews make me think it's the same trash as in FH4.

  33. Personally don't enjoy car games. Clicked and liked for you sir.

  34. what do you do in these games?…..Just drive?

  35. Game's not as wonderful as everyone's painting it as; it is bit of a glitchy mess on PC, for one, it's got memory leaks, geometry and texture bugs that trigger after a couple minutes of gameplay, it crashes often, suffers from performance issues and online disconnection problems as well.

    It could've used a few more months in development, that much is obvious.

    Gameplay is decent but that's about it; I've been tunning cars and taking each for a spin, but the map's a bore, the dialogues & characters are horrid and spoil the mood big time, as does the undesirable woke nonsense nobody in their right mind asked for.

  36. Just bought game pass for a $1 and im downloading FH5 right now. Have not played Forza Horizon since FH1 on 360 sooo. If I do end up buying the game might just get it on steam since im on PC.

  37. What's the point of a racing game when multiplayer sucks? Can't choose car classes , no leaderboards, long waiting times, no voting for car class or track, can't even change assists when lobby changes from A class to S2 class. Going back to Wreckfest.

  38. The game is brilliant, but it didn't take long to 100% the game, I finished it in a week, definitely not worth the asking price without xbox game pass

  39. get 2 months free game pass with 1 month free nitro, play 32 hours in a week, uninstall when willy’s jeep gets patched

  40. I bought every single gamepass lol

  41. The only thing I do not like is the Horizon Story mission. Either the 3 star requirement is completely ridiculous or the mission just sucks. I mean a Koenigsegg and Bugatti in the rain while hitting offroad was not a great experience getting 3 stars lolz

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