Demon's Souls - PlayStation 5 Review: A Stunning Remake of a Classic Game

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Welcome to my in-depth review of the Demon’s Souls - PlayStation 5. In this article, we will explore the stunning remake of the original Demon's Souls game, now available for the PlayStation 5. Brace yourself for a challenging journey in the kingdom of Boletaria as you face ravenous demons and uncover the unsettling story behind this once prosperous land. With enhanced performance and breathtaking visual quality, this game will immerse you in a world like never before. Join me as we delve into the features, gameplay, and overall experience of Demon’s Souls - PlayStation 5.

Product Description

The Demon's Souls - PlayStation 5 is a highly anticipated and visually stunning game that brings the original brutal challenge to life in a completely remade version. With enhanced performance and stunning visual quality, this game takes you on a journey through the world of Boletaria like never before.

One of the most important features of this game is the opportunity to become the Slayer of Demons. As you venture into the northern kingdom of Boletaria, you'll encounter a once prosperous land now plagued by unspeakable creatures and ravenous demons. Along the way, you'll meet strange characters who have been unhinged and twisted by the world around them. Unravel the unsettling story of Demon's Souls as you navigate through this dark and dangerous world.

In addition to the immersive single-player experience, Demon's Souls also offers an exciting multiplayer component. Engage in ferocious PVP combat as you face off against the world's greatest warriors. With online invasions adding to the danger of your quest, you'll need to be on your guard at all times. Alternatively, you can choose to play cooperatively by summoning allies to aid you in your fight against the demons. Please note that an active PS Plus subscription is required for online multiplayer.

With over 524 customer ratings and an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, the Demon's Souls - PlayStation 5 has received high praise from gamers. This game is a must-have for those who enjoy challenging gameplay, immersive storytelling, and stunning visuals. Whether you're a fan of the original Demon's Souls or a newcomer to the series, this remade version is sure to provide hours of thrilling and unforgettable gaming experiences. So, gear up, embrace the challenge, and prepare to conquer the demons in Demon's Souls - PlayStation 5.

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Pros and Cons

After analyzing the customer feedback and reviews, here are the pros and cons of Demon’s Souls - PlayStation 5:


  1. Stunning Visuals: Many buyers have praised the stunning visuals of Demon's Souls on the PlayStation 5. The graphics are beautifully remastered, and the PS5 handles them exceptionally well. The immersive and detailed world enhances the gaming experience, making it visually captivating.

  2. Enhanced Gameplay: The updated graphics and gameplay improvements in the PS5 version of Demon's Souls have received positive feedback. Buyers appreciate the enhanced gameplay mechanics that make the game more enjoyable and engaging. Bluepoint Games has successfully managed to retain the essence of the original while adding new elements to enhance the overall experience.

  3. Nostalgic Remake: Fans of the original Demon's Souls on the PS3 have expressed their satisfaction with the remake. The updated graphics and gameplay improvements have successfully revived the nostalgic feelings associated with the original game. It offers a chance for players to relive the classic game with a fresh and modern touch.


  1. Challenging Difficulty: Demon's Souls is known for its challenging difficulty, and some buyers have found it frustrating and anger-inducing. While this may be a positive aspect for hardcore gamers seeking a challenging experience, it may not be suitable for casual players or those who prefer a more relaxed gaming experience.

  2. Limited Appeal: As a niche game, Demon's Souls may not appeal to everyone. Its dark fantasy setting and challenging gameplay mechanics may not resonate with all gamers. It is essential to consider personal preferences and gaming preferences before investing in this title.

  3. Limited Replay Value: Some buyers have mentioned that once they have completed the game, there is limited replay value. While the initial playthrough may provide a thrilling experience, subsequent playthroughs

Customer Reviews

The Demon's Souls - PlayStation 5 has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, with an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 524 ratings. Let's take a closer look at what customers have to say about this game.

  • "What can I say that has not been said. This is where all begins, the remake of the original masterpiece..."
  • "Visually this game is stunning. The PS5 definitely handles it VERY well. The game itself? If you like getting frustrated and angry, this is the game f..."
  • "Thank you."
  • "This is my second Soulsborne game after Bloodborne. This game is a strong contender of representing the beauty and power coming from the PS5. I got su..."
  • "Had this on my PS3 but now on PS5 its a must since they updated the graphics and some of the gameplay. They say nostalgia makes things seem great. Thi..."
  • "It's hard not to end up fall in love in this remake of Demon's Souls, as Bluepoint Games manages to give body and immersive potential to the base game..."
  • "This remake surpassed all my expectations! I loved the original game on PS3 but it has aged quite poorly. This..."
  • "Read the title."

These reviews indicate that the Demon's Souls remake for PlayStation 5 has managed to captivate both new players and those who have experienced the original game. The stunning visuals and improved gameplay have been praised, with customers expressing their appreciation for the enhanced graphics and immersive experience on the PS5. Many customers also mention that the game has exceeded their expectations and that the nostalgia factor adds to the overall enjoyment. Overall, the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews highlight the success of this remake, making it a must-have for fans of the Soulsborne genre and PlayStation enthusiasts alike.


In conclusion, Demon's Souls for PlayStation 5 is a stunning and challenging remake of the original masterpiece. The game offers a visually impressive experience, taking full advantage of the PS5's capabilities. The world of Boletaria has been completely remade, presenting players with enhanced graphics and performance that truly bring the game to life.

One of the major benefits of Demon's Souls is its immersive storyline and characters. As you venture into the northern kingdom of Boletaria, you'll encounter strange and twisted individuals, uncovering the unsettling story of the demons that plague the land. The game's PVP combat adds an extra layer of excitement and danger, allowing players to face off against other skilled warriors online.

While the game can be frustrating and challenging at times, it is this level of difficulty that makes Demon's Souls so rewarding. It tests your skills, perseverance, and adaptability, providing a sense of accomplishment with each victory.

Based on the positive feedback from buyers and the overall quality of the game, we highly recommend Demon's Souls for PlayStation 5. Whether you are a fan of the original or new to the Soulsborne genre, this game is a must-have for any PS5 owner. So embark on this epic journey, become the Slayer of Demons, and experience the beauty and power of Demon's Souls on your PS5.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Demon's Souls - PlayStation 5:

Q: Is this game a remake of the original Demon's Souls?

A: Yes, this game is a remake of the original Demon's Souls, which was released on the PlayStation 3. The remake has been developed by Bluepoint Games and offers enhanced graphics and gameplay improvements.

Q: Can I play Demon's Souls on my PlayStation 5 console?

A: Yes, Demon's Souls is specifically designed for the PlayStation 5 console. It takes advantage of the console's powerful hardware to deliver stunning visuals and smooth gameplay.

Q: How does the game look on the PlayStation 5?

A: The visuals of Demon's Souls on the PlayStation 5 are truly stunning. The game's graphics have been significantly upgraded, and the console handles it very well. Players can expect a visually immersive experience on the new generation console.

Q: Is Demon's Souls a difficult game?

A: Yes, Demon's Souls is known for its challenging gameplay. It is a game that requires patience, skill, and perseverance. If you enjoy a challenging and rewarding gaming experience, then Demon's Souls is definitely worth trying.

Q: Can I play Demon's Souls even if I haven't played the original game or other Soulsborne games?

A: Absolutely! While Demon's Souls is a remake of the original game, it can be enjoyed by both newcomers and fans of the series. You don't need any prior knowledge or experience with the original or other Soulsborne games to enjoy this remake.

Q: Is there any difference between the original game and the remake?

A: Yes, there are differences between the original Demon's Souls and the remake. The remake offers enhanced graphics, updated gameplay mechanics, and improved performance. It also includes some additional content and features not found in the original game.

Q: Is this game worth buying if I already own the original Demon's Souls on the PlayStation 3?

A: If you enjoyed the original Demon's Souls and want to experience it with improved graphics and gameplay, then the remake is definitely worth considering. The updated visuals and enhanced performance on the PlayStation 5 can elevate your gaming experience even further.

Q: How does this game showcase the power of the PlayStation 5?

A: Demon's Souls is a game that truly showcases the power of the PlayStation 5. The stunning visuals, smooth gameplay, and immersive potential of the game demonstrate the capabilities of the new generation console.

Please note that the answers provided here are based on general information and may vary depending on individual experiences and preferences.

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